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Adult Training Program


Adult Training Program

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Our Adult Fitness Program

One of the biggest challenges of adulthood is finding the time to do just about anything. We're all very busy and because of the juggle, we end up neglecting our well being.  We think getting the results we want will take hours and hours in the gym.  We think we need to work on old injuries and nagging pain.  Not really appealing or motivating, right?  So instead of taking action, we just wait for the right time...and it never comes.

In fact, the typical American with a desire to be healthy does really well at the beginning of the year!

They've set their New Year's resolutions to get back in the gym, change how they eat and then within a few months or even weeks, it's back to never going to the gym, eating our old ways and always feeling guilty about it. But Teamwork Bloomington doesn't accept this pattern, because we understand cycles of motivation.  We help people change their lives in meaningful ways.

  Why you might ask? .

We get Personal.

All of our programming is personalized constantly changing with your life demands in mind.  Teamwork Bloomington has coaches, both for nutrition and strength training, giving you the accountability, direction and encouragement to stick with your fitness goals all year long and beyond.  Our coaches never give up when it comes to getting you the results you want, and we care deeply about YOU.  Because of that, you'll get guidance, moral support, and you'll never be bored.

How Does it Work?

The first step on your fitness journey with Teamwork is to schedule a free fitness consultation. Professional Fitness Coaches, Rod Root and Erin Parks, will do an initial assessment to test your flexibility, balance and strength. This first test will help give our coaches guidance in giving you an appropriate, personalized program.   We'll also make recommendations on how many times a week fits your goals and schedule in the meeting.

Why all of the front end talking?  Strength training can be done by everyone, BUT to do it right, your coaches need to know about your movement, your life, and health history.   Best results comes with best practices and you can expect that from the coaches at Teamwork.

What does programming look like?  See below...


Program Options


Adult  Performance

Starting at $189.99 per month** train for up to 2 days a week with personalized programming meant to get you looking and feeling awesome.  This includes nutrition education, accountability, measurements, and access to Teamwork Bloomington's private Facebook community.

Get better results with options at 3 ($249.99) days a week or 4 days a week ($299.99) with Teamwork!

**These are 3 month agreements.


Are you ready to make things happen?


Are you an adult athlete looking to take your game to the next level?
Do you have a student athlete with aspirations of making it to the varsity or collegiate stage?

Check out our Athlete Performance Program for More Info!

Or Call 812-320-2910


Member Results

Member Results


See The Results For Yourself!

With TeamWork the proof is in the pudding. Let's face it, if you want to loose weight and feel great about your body you do what's working with others. See the great results from our some of our Team Members that have been with us for a while.

The Hakes Family, Members since January 2016

The Hakes Family, Members since January 2016

power couple loses 30lbs each

"After having our baby, mom wasn't the only one who had baby weight to lose. We had both gained a good amount of weight and weren't feeling too great about it but didn't want to say anything to each other either. Then Katie got word that she won a contest for a free 6-week membership to TeamWork. 
The first step was to dive in to the Whole30 Diet to jump start the weight loss, the caveat? We had to do it as a family. So I reluctantly committed to the 30 days and by the end of it I was down 15 lbs in just one month. Then when Kate told me how much fun she was having at TeamWork I knew I had to join.
Since joining teamwork we've both lost 30 lbs and have done a great job of keeping it off. We feel healthy and happy. Our clothes fit better and we've got more energy to chase our little one around. We're so grateful to Rod and Erin for helping us achieve our fitness goals. Joining Teamwork has changed our lives."
—Torlando Hakes, 31, Local Business Owner

Dancer feels comfortable and confident at teamwork

“I always feel comfortable and confident during my workouts at Teamwork Bloomington. I was used to just doing random workouts and I never really saw great progress. Now my training is organized and fun, and I always leave my workouts feeling great!”
—Maryellen Spreen, 18, BNL Dance


FAther and Son train together

“The training atmosphere that Rod has created at Teamwork is what I enjoy most about going to Teamwork. It is just flat out fun to be there. Rod knows how to make training enjoyable, with his hands on approach to building a training program to fit one needs and his ability to push you to ensure you are maximizing your time and effort. There has not been a day that I have walked out of Teamwork and not felt good about my training efforts.

Teamwork is a family friendly facility. My nine year old son and I train with Rod and over the last four months I have noticed a 100% improvement in my sons overall athletic ability and coordination. To top it off, my son says there are 2 things he does not want to ever be late for: “football and working out at Teamwork!”

To me, that coming from a 9 year old boy says it all.”

Ryan Ferkingstad, Welder/Metal Artist

super start high school basketball player

“Rod’s been my number one supporter [in] fitness and athletically since I walked into Force Fitness as a fifth-grader. [Now] at Teamwork we have worked toward long and short term goals, all while keeping the big picture in mind.
One of my top goals was to improve my vertical leap. Rod’s consistent planning of my training programs, motivation and support have helped me increase my vertical along with all other necessary components of athleticism to fully display my skill set on the court. I’m now able to dunk with ease and I have had no injuries thus far in my high school career!
I highly recommend training at Teamwork to any young athlete”
— Musa Jallow, 15, BHSN Basketball

D1 Hopeful Reaches New Heights at TeamWork bloomington

“Teamwork has helped my game tremendously. I improved my vertical jump 4″ in just six weeks! The Coaches at Teamwork are always educating me and keeping me on track with nutrition, supplementation and training to help me reach my goal of Division-I College Football.”
— Jon-Luc Poirier, 17, BHSN Football

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