The Five F's

Performance for us is not about more workouts. We believe that our physical bodies are connected to everything we do in life. How well we function during the day, our brain power, our energy levels, our quality of sleep, our digestive and immune system all hinge on our performance. Yes, we want to look good and be strong too, but we want to feel good and move well for BEST RESULTS. That's why we stick to five main areas of focus.



Strength training without eating right is just spinning your wheels. Most people treat diet and exercise like a bank account. They think that as long as you add more money (training) then you can afford to spend more (junk food). That's a whole lot of effort for poor results. Instead, we think of food like an investment. Add ketogenic or performance nutrition to your training and it acts like compound interest maximizing the results of the effort you're making.



Most of the time the reason people get training fatigue and drop out of the habit is because they get tired of the same old stuff, they don't have a buddy and everything starts to feel like a grind. At Teamwork we make the sessions engaging and dynamic. We come up with programs you can master, challenging your brain, but also changing things up so you can see your progress. Plus at Teamwork, we're all workout buddies!



Physical training does more than help you gain muscle. It really provides value to your daily life. Whether you're a student athlete training to take it to the next level, a desk jockey with chronic back problems or an on your feet on the go person you need your body to perform. Our knowledge and programming has been developed with longevity in mind.  Your cells will be healthier creating a good foundation for great potential.



TeamWork is the ideal place for families. A large and important part of our community are our student athletes ranging from middle schoolers to seniors in high school preparing for college athletics. Our kid safe training promotes overall wellness, scholastic achievements and respect to parents and adults. Many of our adult clients are the parents of these athletes who see the great benefits of TeamWork translating into high performance on the court, in the classroom and at home. They see such great results with their kids that they want it for themselves too! 



We want your life to feel great. Flow is a “mental state operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity.” This supreme sense of perfect homeostasis is where we've set our aim. We believe you get there in two ways. Motivating you to what gives you energy and focus, and the second is by getting your body in what's called a state of ketosis through diet and the Keto OS. These give your body mental control void of fatigue or confusion.

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