Exogenous ketones are now available to the public in the form of Keto//OS. Most people do not understand the brain-boosting, fat-burning, muscle-sparing SCIENCE behind the product, so they find the price point a little steep.

Let me tell you, this stuff works. I’ve watched clients rewire their metabolism and shed up to 30 lbs in six weeks.

Basketball players take the product and don’t burn off all of their hard-earned muscle tissue throughout the season. Grandmas and Aunts take the product and find the energy to get up off of the couch and clean their house again. Mom's find energy to go all day without sucking down lattes and sodas just to stay awake.


But, like anything else in life, you usually get what you pay for.

I’m going to go over some ways to get the most from your Keto//OS, talk about the best times to take it, and how to make this product affordable.

The first thing you want to do is identify what you want to get out of Keto//OS.  Do you follow a ketogenic or modified Atkins diet (low carb)?  Are you looking to build muscle (you should be! At Teamwork Bloomington) and more fuel in the gym or in your sport?  Is it a goal to lose weight or to finally get a six-pack? Maybe you are a runner and you want to avoid hitting the wall? Most of us fall under this category: You’re looking to improve your overall quality of life with better sleep, more energy throughout the day and less brain fog? Keto/OS helps with all of the above. So let’s look at a couple options.

15 SERVINGS OTG (on-the-go) $85 > LEARN MORE

The cost is $5.66 per packet. It’s kind of steep at the 15-serving price point, but this is where I started as a self-experiment.


The cost is $4.80 per serving. If you’re taking it daily, you got one month. As a pre-workout, I can’t say enough about how exogenous ketones, especially Keto/OS, has helped me. I don’t crash or gas out anymore, and I pack on muscle with ease.  At some point early in the workout, my body has a moment where it’s like a switch flips and I can just go forever. Mind you, lactic acid build up is lactic acid build up. That’s the burn.  Especially when I’m lifting or doing calisthenics in the 8 – 20 plus rep range. That being said, I think there may be a good argument towards Keto//OS or exogenous ketones being a lactic acid buffer because I sense I have more muscular endurance.  Also, I can speculate that my mVo2 has improved as well.  Taking Keto//OS has given me more energy for endurance type exercise like running and riding my bike.  Interestingly enough, my kettlebell swing endurance is up as well. I honestly just don’t get tired in workouts or even pickup basketball games.

30 SERVINGS - KAN $133 (with smart ship) > LEARN MORE

If you're  single guy or gal taking the product by yourself, this is the way to go. This works out to $4.43 per serving.  Probably a good chance you’re already spending this on other stuff that you can drop from your budget and replace with this.  One trip to a coffee house will probably cost more.  

Do you drink soda? Juice? Energy drinks? If so, you can stop. Keto//OS curbs sugar cravings so you can finally break that Coke habit (I’m sure it works well with the other coke habit too).

PS - The company has a great referral incentive program! If you refer two friends and they both order a 30 Serving supply, you earn a free 30 servings for yourself! Help your family and friends so you can save some money!

The product is worth the investment if you are struggling with your health or you want to improve your energy and quality of life. Give it a shot. 


Change your life with exogenous ketones.

Change your life with exogenous ketones.