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Ah yes.


The summer.  

A time when relaxing and recovery are supposed to be the priorities.  

Except for travel sports. You all have a different work ethic and a different approach to your goals. So we are here for you, strong and competitive people.  We want to keep you healthy as you use your summer to pursue your athletic goals.


We at Teamwork Bloomington know competitive athletes.  We also know as the travel season extends through the summer in addition to school practices, and general life, the body can start to compensate in weird ways showing up as pain and tension.  However, you can be proactive in your strength, speed and health...specifically when it comes to your knees.


Your knees tend to be the first indication that your body needs attention.  When the knees begin to hurt, we see a decrease in performance and a fear of what could be happening.  Neither of these issues lead to increased performance or competitive morale.


However, you can tend to your knees.  Outside of actually training, warming up adequately, and avoiding sitting as much as possible, we have created a series of knee health exercises and tips to give you an arsenal of tools to take care of yourself.


Below are four videos with our Coaches Seth Eash CSCS and Lauren Powell, MS, CSCS discussing the many ways we can address knee pain for a properly recovered and more robust athlete.




Part 1:  Coaches Seth and Lauren have created a YouTube series on Knee Health. They cover different areas that may help you understand what is causing your knee pain, as well as what to do to help current pain, or be proactive in preventing pain! Here is the first episode in the series, let us know what you think.



Part 2:  Part two of the Knee Health Series covers hip strength. Check out this video for information on proper movement patterns and how to strengthen the hips to ensure you are limiting any possible causes of knee pain during your lifts. As always, please comment with any questions or thoughts and subscribe to our channel to stay up to date on our latest videos.




Part 3:  Coaches Seth and Lauren discuss the importance of a strong and stable foundation during your training to help prevent knee pain, check it out.

Part 4:  This is the final video in the Knee Health Series - ankle mobility. This is such a HUGE issue, especially among athletes. We cover how to increase ankle mobility as well as some quick ways to identify possible causes of knee and ankle pain due to stiffness in the lower leg. Please let us know if you have any questions, and stay tuned for more videos!