Sports Performance Massage Membership


Sports Performance Massage Membership

Teamwork Bloomington believes is optimal performance.  Not just getting by.

As people engaging in strength training, conditioning, and competition, your bodies can get sore, tight, and immobile when soft tissue work is not a part of your programming.  And worse, if you don't address it, it will result in injury.

Although foam rolling and your warm up correct much of the problems associated with movement pattern pain, sometimes it isn't enough for EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE, CONTINUAL IMPROVEMENT, and LONGEVITY.


This is where Leisa Parks, Teamwork Bloomington's Sport Massage Therapist, comes into play.  She knows movement, muscles, tension, and how to get the best possible activity from your muscles and joints.   She is an expert.

We have incorporated her into our sessions as part of your membership, but anything outside of stretching is treatment and we want you to get the most out of your time with her.

If you plan on strength training and competing at any level, you need to incorporate cupping and tissue work into your programming for best results.

The Teamwork Bloomington Performance Massage Membership is one of the best way to get attention to your movement pattern pains.

For only $50 you receive 5 pre-workout sessions including cupping and tissue work.


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We all work hard, but we also need to recover!  Remember, you are training like the best!!  


For your continual improvement,


Erin and Rod