Nutrition Overview

To get real results you have to focus on food as much as you focus on the gym. Eating whatever you want and trying to make up for it in the gym is like a dog chasing its tail and its not going to work. In the end, the results you achieve are up to you and the lifestyle you maintain is completely within your control. At TeamWork we look at diet choices as a means to get where you want to be but how fast you get there and if you get there is up to you.

We talk about 3 Specific Diet Philosophies to help bring about the body transformation in addition to our work out plans. In each of these dietary philosophies we highly recommend pairing the meal planning with the KETO//OS Shake Meal Supplement. In simple terms, the Ketos help your body burn fat before carbs and protein. You can get into this state of ketosis through food alone, however, its extremely difficult to maintain and so even eating a Standard American diet along with the KETO//OS meal supplement will get your body burning fat first.


Level 1 Results

Ketogenic diet + Keto//os

The Ketogenic Diet is the fastest and surest way to get your body burning fat. With a healthy amount of protein in this diet, the goal is to eliminate carbs and force your body to burn fat as its primary energy source. Paired with the KETO//OS you'll get unbelievable results in just a few weeks.

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Level 2 Results

Paleo diet + Keto//os

The Paleo Diet has become regarded as one of the most effective diets in weight-loss. The idea is to go back to the basics of meat, fruit, vegetables and small portions of simple whole grains. Avoid anything processed like the plague and added sugar is a no go. Eat this way while in ketosis and you'll be nice & slim in no time.


Level 3 Results

STandard diet + keto//os

The Standard American Diet tends to be very carb heavy which ends up stored as fat if not burned through rigorous exercise. While whole grain does have benefits for the heart, going overboard on sugars is a one way ticket to Flabby USA. Even with a regular diet like this the KETO//OS will work for you. Just not as fast.


Ketogenic Diet

In the Ketogenic Diet we are looking for a distribution of 75% Fats/20% Protein/5% Carbs

Paleo Diet

For a Paleo Diet shoot for a distribution of 40% Fats/20% Proteins/20% Carbs

Standard Diet

In the Standard Diet most are at a distribution of 30% Fats/15% Protein/55% Carbs

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