Teamwork Online: World Class Coaching Custom Fit for YOU.

A Personal Trainer in your pocket...

You're busy. You're focused on making things happen for yourself and the people you care about. Unfortunately, sometimes taking care of yourself and your fitness can fade into the background. 

Your daily gym habits turn into bi-weekly bouts with the elliptical. Maybe you're not thrilled with your physique after a few stressful months of school or work and you're ready to finally stick to a fitness routine.

Maybe you're tired of not seeing results from your current routine, or you'd prefer to workout right at home.

So you decide to hire a personal trainer...AWESOME!

Until you meet with the trainer and he explains that two workouts per week will cost you more than a new car payment or a trip to Cancun!

For those who can afford sessions with a great trainer two, three, or four times per week, investing in a GOOD personal training and nutrition coaching service is one of the wisest investments one can make.

Feeling good about yourself, improving your health, and living a longer, healthier, happier (best) life is definitely worth every penny. It's just not always practical. Scheduled don't always align, sometimes life gets hectic and you don't have two full hours to commit to a workout plus commute, or maybe you're just not into working out alongside other people.

For those exact reasons, I decided to create Teamwork Online. You'll get all of my coaching, motivation, workout plan, meal plan, and much, much more... This isn't group exercise class, bootcamp or Crossfit. This is a custom plan built from scratch to fit your needs, your lifestyle, the equipment you have access to, and your own health, fitness, and physique goals.

The initial assessment interview

We will schedule an online assessment interview using FaceTime or Skype. In this interview we will cover topics such as your current lifestyle, your goals, how many days you can commit to training, your schedule, supplements, nutrition, etc. 

There is no one-size-fits all magic plan for reaching your goals. In this interview we will sort through the obstacles keeping you from living your best life and come up with a plan to overcome them together.

I can't emphasize this enough: I will be your COACH! I'll be there for you throughout the whole process, guiding, motivating, and helping you make your fitness goals real. 

This is where it all begins.

Learn what, how, and when to eat and crush your fitness and physique goals

When you train with me, you will get a personalized Nutrition Plan.

Finally, a meal plan that fits your lifestyle – Whether it's eating healthy meals at restaurants every day or cooking on your own.

We build a plan based on what stores, restaurants, and time constraints are present in your life. 

Low-Carb, Keto, Paleo...I will find what plan works best for YOU!

All Clients also receive an individual supplementation plan! No magic potions, shakes, or powders...But I will show you exactly which supplements make sense for YOUR goals, Guide you to the best prices and brands, and answer any questions along the way!

Get the ripped, lean, toned body you want through a personalized training program

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