During the holidays another way our health tends to fail is because our schedules are erratic. 

We make time for the parties, but not the workouts.  We get the kids to events, but grab the fastest food possible instead of nutritious options.

This will take a toll on your waistline and your mood.

Instead, you are going to need to accept the schedule and commit to your health as a priority.  You might have to adjust though.

That being said, your workouts can be dispersed throughout the day.  5-10 minutes bursts of exercise will be effective for mood balance. 

Your nutrition needs to be a standardized meal.  If things are starting to spiral out of your grasp, rotisserie chicken with a low sugar barbeque sauce, guacamole and some broccoli or cauliflower will be sufficient.

Below are a few workouts you can do broken up over time.  You will not regret doing any of this when things get busy.  I guarantee it.

1.) countdown from 15. Bodyweight squats and push ups. 15 of each, then 14 of each, then 13 of each...etc. I suggest doing this at the energy slump in your day.


2.)  Teamwork Warm Up (roll out with a hard ball, heel to butt, side to side lunges, inch worm, skipping in place, imaginary jump rope--all of these one minute each) then for the workout, do this 4 times-Bodyweight squat - 20 as fast as you can keeping good form, push ups - 10 modify as needed (elevate using a chair)Mountain Climbers - 20 modify as needed (elevate on chair)Down/Up - 2 each - lie down on your back, get up to a standing position (safely!) come down under control. Switch the side you use to come up.

Download the breath 2 relax app if possible and complete 1 session

3.)  TWB Warm Up

20 minutes (however many rounds you can do in 20 minutes)

15 push ups 10 Deadbugs20 squats20 mountain climbers


After 20 minutes, try a 45 sec plank.

Breathe to Relax.

4.)  TWB Warm up

5 rounds in 20 minutes

10 push upssplit squats 10 on each leg25 squats45 sec of mountain climbers


Finish with 3 45 sec planks or Deadbugs

Breathe to Relax

5.)  TWB warm up

Time each round cutting down time each time. 4 rounds.

Plank or deadbug 1 minute20 mountain climbers10 push ups (plyo if you can)20 air squats


Walk outside.

6.)  Set a timer for 2 mins. Alternate exercises for as many rounds as possible in the 2 minute period. Rest 1 min before moving on to the next superset.

8 push-ups 8 air squats


Rest 1:00


8 split squats R8 split squats L8 "jump" squats (don't jump of you have any knee or back pain, do these as quick as possible)


Rest 1:00

Complete this for 3x

For an extra challenge, hold a front plank instead of resting.

In wellness,

Erin and Rod