Yes, sometimes I have guilty pleasures.  And reality TV at times is quite satisfying to my inner teenager.  For a moment, I would indulge in Being Bobby Brown.  There were a couple of golden egg quotes from the Bobby Brown and Late Whitney Houston show, and one of my favorites was this.  Although I altered it slightly, it is my go to response for those who question your health choices as limiting.

When you make a decision to eat a certain way, you, weirdly, come into a world of confrontation.  You are questioned.  You are made fun of.  You are talked about.  You are second guessed.  You are challenged.

Now, most of you don't spend your days and weekends researching nutrition, so a teachable moment might be a challenge for the "experts" in your life.  Instead, you are going to have to toughen up a bit.  You are going to have to assert yourself.  You are going to have to smile and disagree.

With a lot of floating misconceptions about the historical world of dieting, we live in a place where taking control of our health shouldn't be maintained IF "real life" is happening.  Moderation enters the discussion and is used (GRE word, here) vehemently in support of "balance." 

But we are getting lost in definition.  For those of us  trying to live the longest, most disease free life, we know that certain foods destroy our progress and body.  You just DON'T eat those foods.  Not in moderation.  Not because so and so is in town.  Not because I have done it in the past.  It isn't self restraint.  It isn't a diet.  You just know that some foods make you hurt, make you stress, and make you sad. 

"Balance" or "Moderation" for life-altering substance isn't an option. 

Instead of arguing or feeling like an elitist, choose few different ways of communicating your new lifestyle when someone asks if you want something that doesn't fit in with your new food values.

1.)  No, thanks.

2.)  Nope.

3.) I'm fine.

4.) (defer) No, but can I get a glass of water or iced tea?

5.)  (defer) I'm actually eyeing the roast.

6.)  No.

Some of this is tongue and cheek, but your food choices do not have to be broadcast. 

If someone wants to get into the discussion about it and you want to participate, a simple "I just really like eating xyz because it makes me feel good," should suffice.

And one of my favorite responses from Rodney Root for those who deeply question your nutrition choices, "how is your nutrition working out?"  (a last resort for the family gathering, tee hee.)

Yes, what you put in your mouth is your decision.  Not anyone else's.  How you form a better life is through belief in your cause.  Being swayed by another's expectation is a lackluster excuse.

Socializing doesn't have to be about the food.  You do not have to this with them, toooddaayyy.

Being together can be enough. Oh, and when there is nothing to eat, fasting for the evening is harmless and there is ALWAYS a veggie tray.

In wellness,

Erin and Rod