IF you get off track, our reaction will decide how detrimental the getting off track is.

Yes, you might have bodily reactions.  Bloating.  Pain.  Weight Gain. 

But the most prevalent reaction is guilt along with surrendering to your slip.

I don't agree with cheat meals because of this reaction.  It is painful.

So you need to create a plan for your reaction to a mess up and visualize the slip up.  Think about how it is going to feel for your body and mind.  Think about how you are going to recapture your contentment.  Think about why eating something outside of your values will only hurt your progress.

Imagining what the slip up is going to look like and preparing for how you are going to react, prepares you for the cue of possible poor decision making.

Then hopefully you don't do it when it arises because you have thought about the consequence more than the reward.


If something goes awry, don't make it more than it is.  You messed up.  Don't do it again.

Move on with your eating choices.  Don't reward yourself.  Don't punish yourself (your body will do that for you.)

Just eat better right after that.  Think about the foods that make you thrive.  Think about the foods that always make you feel good.

And remember--"because it is there" is not a good excuse for eating something.  You can always fast or drink water.

Your nutrition choices have more than a moment's effect, but how they affect the rest of your performance separates the nutritionally successful from the not.

Caring for yourself isn't punishment.  Not caring for your body is illogical.

Make good choices and be proactive!

In wellness,

Erin and Rod