The potluck.

BYOF, but it should be pleasing to the masses, not just you.  It is unpredictable.  It is hard to navigate when you are in the in between for your wellness.

That being said, there are ways to come out of the potluck bloat free.  Here are 5 ways to get your fill at a potluck AND a few recipes that will do the trick for a crowd pleasing dish. 


1.)  Bring something you can eat.  Choose a recipe that you can eat that is filling. 

2.)  Eat the vegetables.  Usually, there is a veggie tray, but also sauteed vegetables.  Things you need to watch out for "cream of" anything.  It has a flour thickener.  Sweet potato casserole--crazy amounts of sugar.

3.)  Choose the protein.  There usually is a meat.  Eat a lot of that.  Cheese can be ok as well.  Just don't overdue it if it is highly processed.  Raw cheeses, nice cheeses, these are ok!

4.)  Desserts--Ice cream or nothing. 

5.)  In addition to your dish, always bring guacamole.  There are plenty of low sugar guac options.  This will be a place to get your fats in and always delicious!

You stick to these rules and you won't have much bloating.  Remember, you chose something bloating, it will diminish your performance for a couple of days.  Eat for your health and eat for the best moments you can have!

Below are some great recipes which are lovely for potlucks.  Also, write the ingredients on a card and leave it in front of the dish!  People will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

1.)  Banana Muffins (hint...paleo baking is easier when you make things smaller)

2.)  Pizza Burgers

3.)  Broccoli Salad

4.)  Smoked Chicken

5.)  BBQ Smokies

6.)  Deviled Eggs

7.)  Chili

8.)  Fruit Salad

9.)  Spicy Salmon

10.)  Or all of the things!

In wellness,

Erin and Rod

P.S.  We will be having a HANDLE ON THE HOLIDAYS Transformation Challenge Sign up next week.  If you have a question about these fast workouts and Healthy Hotline transformation offering, message us!