You have about a week.


Yes, the road to hot and healthy is about to get bumpy and it begins this week. Tis the season for all things sugar used as a way to reward you for whatever reason is considered compelling.

There will be the decorative cookies, the candy, the going out to eat because it's a holiday, and the general excitement of a holiday fueling you to engage in less than healthy behavior.

This can be fun, and the fun will encourage you to "relax and live it up." But it will wreak havoc on your stomach area and stamina.

So instead of using this time as an excuse to not take care of yourself, why don't you find better ways to celebrate your holiday?

Instead of hitting that candy placed in the middle of the table for the meeting, why don't you go for the apples and almond butter?

Heck, instead of bringing that candy to the meeting, why don't you write silly Halloween punny cards for the staff?

Instead of going to your kiddos Halloween get together with cookies, why not bring cashews and cheese? (Kids love these.)

Instead of eating out, why not suggest a walk on campus? Here are some tales to tell of our haunted history:

Go out to those pumpkin patches and enjoy local businesses!

This week, instead of eating all of the sugar you can find because it is another holiday, be creative and thoughtful in your celebration.

Here is my challenge to you. Do not eat any added sugar this week. If you are enticed, drink water.

If I hear the excuse, that one wants to relax and enjoy life, my question is, is eating candy enjoying life to you? Truly?

There are SO many delicacies in this life. Eating a Reese's should not be the one you fiend for.

Don't eat sugar for a week.

Kick your habits. Don't make excuses for them.

In wellness,

Erin and Rod