Many are in the beginnings of your Best Month ever, so the three weeks before Halloween will be awesome.  Your brain is in the right place, you have your goals in mind, and your behavior and reward plans are in place.  If you aren't killing it, go back to the newsletters from a couple of weeks ago.  There is always today.

But for those of you not ready to have the Best Month of your life...a Survival Guide.

The three weeks before Halloween.  All that is left before the two month grind of socializing...ugh.

But we can set you up for success.  Over the next three weeks, our posts will be geared toward managing the holidays.


We will address:

  • Potlucks

  • Good Recipes

  • Drinks

  • Social Anxiety

  • Recovery

  • Exercise when schedules get crazy

  • Strategies for quick grocery shopping 

  • Understanding celebration and your wellness goals

  • Communicating nutrition choice and values with friends and with servers

  • Mindset when you get off track

What else should we be discussing?  Post a Comment below!

In wellness,

Erin and Rod

P.S.  Need a laugh?  Watch this! Kevin Hart & Conan O'Brien do Crossfit