As the holidays quickly approach, many of you will be traveling to see family or heading on a vacation.  It is time for letting go of responsibility and getting presents, but that doesn't mean you should miss your workouts.  Yes, the idea that workouts are part of your grind should be reassessed.




The sustainability of a routine hinges on how you feel about it.  If you are always looking for a way to get out of working out (NO MATTER THE REASON), you will miss your workouts.  Holidays are no different in how you perform as a person, loved one, friend, family member.  You still need to feel good!


This holiday season find a way to be active on the daily.  Whether it is a long walk, or a quick interval training workout, heading to a gym to lift, or finding a guided workout on Youtube, make the effort to get in 30 minutes of exercise a day.  It will totally be worth it. 


To help with your workout design, join us on Thanksgiving Day for a live, family workout!  We will broadcast it from our Facebook Fan Page.  Stay tuned for exact times.


Choosing to manage your wellness during changes of scenery and routine will give you a huge boost in confidence and mood. 


Don't consider a "change in the grind" to be the opportunity to not take care of yourself, but rather let it be the chance to actually get some time to take care of yourself.


In Wellness,


Erin and Rod


P.S.  If you would like some closer guidance on your workout routine through December for free, let us know!