Who is excited to drive long distances??

Who is excited to eat from gas station cuisine??

Who is excited for that intense feeling of claustrophobia and butt numbess?

Yeah.  Probably no one.


We get it, so we wanted to give you some great ways to get through traveling without sugar and raw nerves.

Gas station food is tricky, but doable.

For energy, coffee without all of the stuff in it is optimal.  If you must adjust the taste of black coffee, do it sparingly.  Otherwise you are headed for a crash of mood.

Buy some gallon jugs of water because you need hydration.  Yes, this might increase pee breaks, but honestly, being the drive on or die person will only work against you.  Once you get to the destination you will be stiff and tired.

Choose nuts first.  Your food source should not be honey buns.  I repeat.  NOT HONEY BUNS. Choose some good fats like nuts, preferably without M&M's in them.  I know I'm no fun.  Jerky can be good too, just read the label to avoid bloat causing gluten.

Protein bars can be an option.  Read the label though.

If you decide you must go through a drive through because of little ones, don't cave and get whatever.  Choose bunless burgers.  Choose salads.  Choose something that isn't starch or bread based.  Proteins and good fats will sustain your energy.  A belly full of carbs will only slow you down.

Also, do a quick workout when you stop.  For 4 minutes do some speed squats.  If you are shy, park away for the masses.  Run out in the field with family.  Just watch for dog poo.

Use these tactics to keep your road trips energy filled and manageable.


Grumpy people in a small space rarely are enjoyable.


In Wellness,

Erin and Rod


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