For some reason, when it comes to fitness or food, "luxury" and "priority" creep into our vocabulary. 

Luxury is rarely considered a priority.  Instead, it is an extraneous expense. 

Further, our "needs" tend to translate into our emotional priorities.  What do we need to "survive" the day, all the way to how do we live a fulfilling life?

Both of these thoughts are indications of our moments in life, however.  These are uncertain decisions which we rationalize.

Neither are givens or easily understood past our decision-making at that single time. 

Neither should be considered frameworks for grappling with certainty or what truly matters.

So let's discuss some certainties...

You need your body to function properly.

You need to eat real food. 

You need to move and avoid deterioration. 

Before you begin rationalizing your priorities or what is considered "luxury" for the DAY, I ask you this question.  Instead of taking care of your body, what did you do in its place that was more important than self preservation?

Yes, from time to time, life seems to get pretty busy and the demands on our time seem to be pretty clear cut.  But it isn't that clearly cut.  You are making it that clearly cut.

Getting in 20 minutes of strength training and eating an avocado and chicken for lunch is pretty basic.  It shouldn't be a shock to your day.  It should be habitual to your day.

So, the next time you start replanning your day or deciding that your food or exercise is luxury or low priority, I would like to remind you that staying alive is far from a luxury and probably your top priority.

Train smartly and timely.  Eat slowly and cleanly.

Simple mantras for big demands.

In tough love,

Erin and Rod