When you own a gym, it would seem like getting a workout in should be pretty simple...


Just like many of you, we have things that come up, children, meetings, appointments, life!!

However, that doesn't give us the excuse to not work out.

And further doesn't negate the fact that we too have to remind ourselves that strength training and conditioning is not just about looking good in our clothes.

We sometimes have to convince ourselves of the long game to maintain our build, because..

Life has changed. We are more sedentary and longer living beings. Our view of what a "quality life" is has changed.

As we age, we expect aches and pains, illness, health problems, etc. This does not have to be the case, though. And this is why getting our workout in is essential to us.

Maintaining your strength as you age is vital. Just to move, you need muscle and the rate of atrophy doubles as you age. You begin to deteriorate. So you gotta work out.

Even more, your hormones change and need ways to balance. So you gotta work out.

And perhaps most challengingly, your mind begins to weaken.

So you gotta workout.

Does this mean that every workout we have is epic, grueling, exhausting?


Our workouts might be a set of heavy squats, or twenty minutes of body weight circuit training, or interval sprinting outdoors. We don't make exercising an event every day.

We instead make it an antidote to aging.

Remember, looking hot is a good goal, but you want a goal that you can have an obsession with.

If you are missing your workouts or rationalizing priorities based on the time in the day, you are thinking from the wrong place.

Today is more than time. It is your place to make good decisions for yourself.

Get your workout in. Your future self will thank you.

In wellness,

Erin and Rod