I said it. The strategy it takes to get to the gym is that of military refinement. I have to bring in multiple parties of support. Then fight through exhaustion of no sleep due to two toddlers. And finally, I have to lift some heavy stuff and be uncomfortable...So I understand why it takes a lot for people to get in the routine of working out when it seems the world is working against us to get in the gym.

But the act of exercising is not why I work out.

I work out because without working out, I am in a constant state of irritation. I get tired quickly. I don't feel good about myself.

Even more? I work out because it affects my chromosomes and gives me longevity. (Crazy, right?)

The reasons I work out are attached to my Personal Vitality Values, not just a weight goal.I want to be a strong, balanced, and vivacious woman for longer than the coined "best years."I don't identify with aging as a bad thing, but I do believe the quality of aging can be somewhat controlled. NOTICE--This statement is MUCH bigger than having a nice butt.The goal of having a nice butt works for us in our 20s, but over time it won't maintain our wellness routine.The goal of strength and health for almost all of my life?Something to work out for.


If you are new to working out, you are struggling to work out, or you just hate it, try a few of these hacks to get some strength training in.

1.)Schedule your workouts before you can weasel out of them. Get it done in the morning.

2.)Work out for 5-10 minutes when you get tired or stressed.I promise those invested minutes will pay in dividends.

3.)Further, do this a few times a day.This is best for balanced hormones.Set about 4 times a day to get in a quick "pump" as they say.

4.)Incorporate walks into your day.Don't stay strapped to your desk.Walk at least once a day.

5.)Shamelessly =)Get a coach.We are experts in getting you through the uncomfortable.

These are just a few ways to combat not working out…


But even better, spend some time creating your Vitality Values.Choose the value statement that makes you smile.That makes you feel energized.

Then become that statement.Your health is the basic building block to longevity.

So, schedule your workouts.Find the value statement that makes you say NO to all the "emergencies" that come up derailing your health goals.

Be in excellent health.

Don't be in lowest priority health.

To accomplish ANYTHING of substance (relationships, work, recreation), you must attach value to your health.

Even if you hate working out, the rewards are much more important.

In wellness,

Erin and Rod

P.S. Remember if you are interested in signing up for a Challenge or a Membership this January, you can receive December for free.That's 4 weeks of training, nutrition coaching, and our beautiful faces.Get with it.