Yes, this week is a big week.  Because it is my birthday.

The  big 3. 2.

So in honor of this monumental age, this week I will be giving 32 thoughts, lessons, and deals over 4 days.

Today, here are 8 random thoughts for your pondering.

1.)  More does not equal better.  Better is growth.  Before I was introduced to strength training, I was a cardio queen and I hated every second.  I would get on a machine an hour a day and be incredibly bored the entire time.  Even worse, I was terrified of the weight room and mirror corner (bros on bros on bros), and the machines were always super complicated as I could never properly load a lift.  I was always vying for a spot on my elliptical machine seeing mediocre results.  Then I found strength training and totally changed my body composition over a two year period.  Yes, two years.  I did not have my nutrition in check, and I probably over trained, BUT I realized it took something more effective to get my results.  I got out of my comfort zone and got a coach.  Arguably one of the best decisions of my life.  Marrying one was a good one too ;)

2.) Sustainable results take long term commitment.  Like I said, it took me two years!  And I lost, over the two year period, 7 dress sizes, but only 20lbs.  That's all.  My body changed...not really my weight.

3.)  If you want to become less obsessed with the scale, you have got to get nutrition in control and reassess your physical goals.  The scale is an indicator of a number which can be tracked.  I am inspired by weight loss goals absolutely, but as a motivator, there is not much I can do with it.  Not because it has a threshold, but because the result is usually not what people are looking for.  If you have a fitness goal, you need to look into your motivations and find rewards out of that.  It takes a little more time, but it also yields the best results for your consistency.

4.)  Missing workouts is a quick way to lose momentum.  When you start messing with the priority of working out, you will begin to miss your workouts.  When you start missing your workout, time moves at a rapid rate.  If you can only get in 10 minutes, you WILL stay on track.  Miss two workouts in one week, it is likely you won't get your workouts in the following week.

5.)  Nutrition can only be moderation if you have a complete grasp on your understanding of food quality AND you can work within the boundaries of food quality.  Calories in and out cannot be the rationale.  Eating 200 calories in a Snickers Bar and 200 calories in an avocado is not the same bodily effect.  You can't simply work off junk.  It damages your body.

6.)  Smart exercising is the best mood balancer.  Better than medicine.  Better than food.  Cardio does not have the same effect as a high intensity workout.

7.)  Excuses are consistent changes to your schedule.  If you don't plan your workouts and show up when you say you will, getting into a routine will be impossible.  If you want to workout, stop allowing other priorities to decide your workout schedule.  An actual emergency is different than a change in the schedule.

8.)  Goal setting and prioritizing is part of health and wellness.  How you treat your body today is your investment.  Weight loss is great, but caring for your muscles, organs, and hormones should be your reward.  Hotness will come, but how you treat your body will maintain your quality of life.

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In wellness,

Erin and Rod