Another 8 and there's a gift in there, so read closely =)

9.  Imperfection is lack of a final decision.  I'm a believer in vulnerability, but also performance.  If you are waffling, you are undecided.  Get specific and clear.

10.  Guilt is an energy suck.  Figure out a way to avoid it.  Truthfulness to your best self is probably the best strategy.

11.  A Community of high performers will multiply the likelihood of your success.  Hang out with those you want to be like in health.

12.  Energy management is more than exercise.  You should  be looking at your sleep, your stress level, your food, your emotional management.  Exercise is the best, but its effects will be diminished if you are stressed all of the time.  Again, get clear on why you want to live a high energy lifestyle.  Practice your peace.

13.  Your gut health should be an obsession.  If you aren't eating with this in mind, your longevity will suffer.  If you don't know what this means, ASK!!

14.  Come in for our Fit Fast class at 6pm tomorrow (12/7) and I will give you a $100 gift certificate.

15.  Sleep hacking is one of the cheapest and best investments you can make for your health.  Remove all light from your room, find a cool temperature to sleep in, find a soft noise to drowned out silence and other noise, take some magnesium!

16.  Hardest lesson I've learned?  Well there are a lot, but the realization that life doesn't slow down and NO ONE ELSE (except an excellent coach, ahem) will prioritize your wellness except you.  If I am busy, I am the only one scheduling over my health and if they are, you are in an abusive relationship.  Priorities are yours to communicate and yours to uphold.

Until tomorrow... 

In wellness,

Erin and Rod