The beginning of any program is the easiest.  It is exciting, new, interesting, but when it comes to resilience there are different motivations we must explore, especially if you plan on being an elite athlete.


These two motivations are 1.) the ability to independently plan your own vision with an accompanying goal process and 2.) your manifestation of resilience.


The first motivation is not developed enough for women athletes outside of just being “strong” or “good.”  I really think a lot is lost for women because of this.  For my athletes, I want you to spend time on what your vision is for yourself as an athlete.


Do you want to be a State Champion?


Do you want to be a complete the hardest adventure race?


Do you want to play on a Division 1 team?


Do you want to be a professional athlete?


Do you want to use your leadership opportunities on your team to drive you into your dream job?


Once you establish the dream, something that gives you fire and passion, we then move into a plan.  This goes from yearly guidelines, to monthly guidelines, to weekly goals, to daily goals, to daily practice goals, to movement, skill, minute goals.


The art of motivation isn’t a static event though.  One must return to motivation daily by becoming excellent at setting realistic expectations that meet your talents.  


Here is an example of vision plan process.


Vision:  Have the best sports performance facility in the Midwest.


Annual Guideline:  Create a Standard of Performance that Aligns with the Most Notable Gyms in the Country.  Develop Athletes into the best Athlete on the Team.  Attract young athletes hoping to achieve greatness.  Choose excellent mentors for my coaches and myself who are setting the sports science standard.


Monthly Guidelines:  Meet with a high level mentor.  Attend Athletes athletic events.  Test Athletes.  Educate and inspire through thought provoking writing and interactions with parents.  Motivate and inspire our coaches.  Read 2 continuing educations books and discuss in staff meeting.  Have one session dedicated to recovery and food.


Weekly Goals:  Attend 3 sporting events noting change of direction ability, trunk stability, explosiveness, mentality, hydration, post nutrition.  Adjust programming for energy level and needs of athletes--do not just deliver workouts.  Read 200 pages of a book.  Write parent newsletter.  Speak to parents of athletes and the athletes outside of the gym every week.  


Daily Goals:  Coach each set for each athlete.  Deliver meaningful and fun coaching through social media.  Meet as a team to set the standard of the session.  Create winning situations for movement.


Complete this exercise for yourself and update daily and weekly.  


Your resilience will come from whether your vision fits your true desire.  The work comes from identifying the easy accomplishments.  The simplifications of your day to day goals.   


You must WIN THE DAY.  But that means you must accomplish something towards each level of goal.


We can definitely sit down and do this together if you would like!


Goal setting is my bag =)