Mike Robertson, one of the top Physical Preparation Coaches in the WORLD, drops knowledge on what it takes to be successful as a basketball player in today's world. Mike and I talk sleep and recovery, nutrition, strategies for successful players, how the pros train, and much more!

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In the Podcast:

Mike’s Basketball Story - 3:01

The Importance of Mentors - 7:00

Roy Hibbert and Training Pros - 9:15

The Importance of the Weight Room - 19:44

“Resets” Explained - 23:30

Ab Training for Basketball - 30:00 - Links to Mike’s Hook-Lying Reaching, Wall 90/90, The Bear, Wall Press Abs

The Value of Blowing Up a Balloon

Why Heavy Barbell Work Isn’t Ideal for Basketball - 31:30

2 Kettlebell Front Squat, Safety Bar Front Squat - 32:51 

Advice for In-Season Training - 34:00

Rapid Fire Questions:

What qualities and habits do you see in world-class athletes vs low-performers? - 38:04

What Supplements are You Taking and What Would you Recommend For Athletes? - 41:40

Links to Supplements we Recommend and carry at Teamwork: Eniva Efacor Fish Oil, Eniva Vitamin D3Eniva Clean Whey Protein, Bulk Supplements Creatine MonohydrateExogenous Ketones - SUPER fuel for athletes .

The WRONG Way to Fuel Your Body - 45:00

Why Today’s Youth is Brittle - 47:35

Fueling Performance at the “Discount Den” and Gummy Worms in the NBA - 48:05

Advice for the Parent, Coach, and the Athlete - 50:47

The Texas Coach Smart Ripping a Player
on the Sideline and Relationships in Coaching - 52:00


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