I'm sure many of you are experiencing the rush and excitement of starting your kiddos in school.  Until you get your flow down, here are a few tips for managing stress, nutrition, and exercise in the transition.

1.)  Do 20 minutes at least of higher heart rate exercise.  You need to sweat.  This balances your anxiety as the unknowns during change are the culprits for stress on your brain function.  Your adrenals need to chill out.  Do this with exercise.

2.) At the same time, don't overcaffeinate.  You're stressed....caffeine accentuates that.  Drink water, tea, Keto OS...not only coffee.

3.)  Don't choose food as your stress outlet.  Shi**y food is not reward for stress.  It encourages it.  Carrots, avocados, exercise, read....

4.)  Don't focus on what you can't control.  Everyone is stressed.  Rarely anyone is trying to ruin your day. 

5.)  Meditate.

6.)  Avoid sugars.

7.)  Find a way to care for yourself daily.

8.)  Take note of every positive. Don't linger on every irritant.  Both are inevitable.  It is where you spend your time thinking that becomes your reality.

Best wishes to everyone!!