You Know What This Is

Half way through all of the wisdom.  A lot of these thoughts are the building blocks of our approaches to behavior change in the gym, and further come from a lot of experience, mind changing, and mistakes.

17.  The initial behavior change plan will be energizing but difficult to maintain unless you identify all of the reasons you are doing it and overprioritize the need.  If you live in a yo-yo world by the week, you won't find a good stride in nutrition.  If you get in your workouts on a good day, that is insufficient.  The bad day is the one you want to get the workout in.  You have got to break the mindset cycle.  Change your goals and understanding of wellness.

18.  Have a really good coach in your life that knows you well.  A good coach will understand your needs outside of just fitness and food and try to meet them to keep your happiness high.  They also will dish out tough love when it is needed especially if you have big goals.  This goes for athletes and their stakeholders as well.

19. Read and think daily.  The most motivated will spend time on personal development daily.  For some it is first thing in the morning, for others throughout the day.  Choose time to recommit yourself to improvement in whatever is important to you.  This isn't a once a month thing, but a daily reminder of your opportunity.

20.  Always keep workout clothes and nuts with you.  (Nuts are not your family or friends, the actual food).  Hard to make excuses when you are always prepared.

21.  Your family will catch on.  Yes, it might take years, but if you are passionate, those closest to you will see your needs and respect them.  They also will probably partake if you are vocal enough.  This is the most empowering part of a healthy lifestyle.  Influence over those you love because your example is so strong.  BE THAT.  If you are not consistent in front of them, they will not be consistent either and will probably give you shit for it.

22.  When you have set backs, do not look at any numbers.  Not the scale, not the weights on the bar, not how many days you missed, NONE OF THAT.  Nothing will harm your sense of self more than deeply critiquing yourself when you are in control of the moment.  Yes, you might have fallen off your wagon, but wallowing will only continue the pain.  You know what to do.  Get consistent and don't allow circumstance to harm your only body and mind. 

23.  And more--Being called out on imperfection is not a character demonization.  No one is perfect.    However, that is not an excuse for denying healthy criticism.  In fact, the excuse of not being perfect is enabling.  Get better next time and don't wallow.  Find a solution and move forward.  I think this is one of the biggest miscommunications we have currently.  Yes, self narrative on strife is heartwarming or empowering, but not a static moment.  Tomorrow is always different. Imperfection is the only constant, so don't use that as your crutch.  Be vulnerable, but be aggressive.

24.  Lunch for the first person to email back with their best advice on fitness, nutrition, and stress management.

In wellness,

Erin and Rod



8 More

Another 8 and there's a gift in there, so read closely =)

9.  Imperfection is lack of a final decision.  I'm a believer in vulnerability, but also performance.  If you are waffling, you are undecided.  Get specific and clear.

10.  Guilt is an energy suck.  Figure out a way to avoid it.  Truthfulness to your best self is probably the best strategy.

11.  A Community of high performers will multiply the likelihood of your success.  Hang out with those you want to be like in health.

12.  Energy management is more than exercise.  You should  be looking at your sleep, your stress level, your food, your emotional management.  Exercise is the best, but its effects will be diminished if you are stressed all of the time.  Again, get clear on why you want to live a high energy lifestyle.  Practice your peace.

13.  Your gut health should be an obsession.  If you aren't eating with this in mind, your longevity will suffer.  If you don't know what this means, ASK!!

14.  Come in for our Fit Fast class at 6pm tomorrow (12/7) and I will give you a $100 gift certificate.

15.  Sleep hacking is one of the cheapest and best investments you can make for your health.  Remove all light from your room, find a cool temperature to sleep in, find a soft noise to drowned out silence and other noise, take some magnesium!

16.  Hardest lesson I've learned?  Well there are a lot, but the realization that life doesn't slow down and NO ONE ELSE (except an excellent coach, ahem) will prioritize your wellness except you.  If I am busy, I am the only one scheduling over my health and if they are, you are in an abusive relationship.  Priorities are yours to communicate and yours to uphold.

Until tomorrow... 

In wellness,

Erin and Rod



Big Week!

Yes, this week is a big week.  Because it is my birthday.

The  big 3. 2.

So in honor of this monumental age, this week I will be giving 32 thoughts, lessons, and deals over 4 days.

Today, here are 8 random thoughts for your pondering.

1.)  More does not equal better.  Better is growth.  Before I was introduced to strength training, I was a cardio queen and I hated every second.  I would get on a machine an hour a day and be incredibly bored the entire time.  Even worse, I was terrified of the weight room and mirror corner (bros on bros on bros), and the machines were always super complicated as I could never properly load a lift.  I was always vying for a spot on my elliptical machine seeing mediocre results.  Then I found strength training and totally changed my body composition over a two year period.  Yes, two years.  I did not have my nutrition in check, and I probably over trained, BUT I realized it took something more effective to get my results.  I got out of my comfort zone and got a coach.  Arguably one of the best decisions of my life.  Marrying one was a good one too ;)

2.) Sustainable results take long term commitment.  Like I said, it took me two years!  And I lost, over the two year period, 7 dress sizes, but only 20lbs.  That's all.  My body changed...not really my weight.

3.)  If you want to become less obsessed with the scale, you have got to get nutrition in control and reassess your physical goals.  The scale is an indicator of a number which can be tracked.  I am inspired by weight loss goals absolutely, but as a motivator, there is not much I can do with it.  Not because it has a threshold, but because the result is usually not what people are looking for.  If you have a fitness goal, you need to look into your motivations and find rewards out of that.  It takes a little more time, but it also yields the best results for your consistency.

4.)  Missing workouts is a quick way to lose momentum.  When you start messing with the priority of working out, you will begin to miss your workouts.  When you start missing your workout, time moves at a rapid rate.  If you can only get in 10 minutes, you WILL stay on track.  Miss two workouts in one week, it is likely you won't get your workouts in the following week.

5.)  Nutrition can only be moderation if you have a complete grasp on your understanding of food quality AND you can work within the boundaries of food quality.  Calories in and out cannot be the rationale.  Eating 200 calories in a Snickers Bar and 200 calories in an avocado is not the same bodily effect.  You can't simply work off junk.  It damages your body.

6.)  Smart exercising is the best mood balancer.  Better than medicine.  Better than food.  Cardio does not have the same effect as a high intensity workout.

7.)  Excuses are consistent changes to your schedule.  If you don't plan your workouts and show up when you say you will, getting into a routine will be impossible.  If you want to workout, stop allowing other priorities to decide your workout schedule.  An actual emergency is different than a change in the schedule.

8.)  Goal setting and prioritizing is part of health and wellness.  How you treat your body today is your investment.  Weight loss is great, but caring for your muscles, organs, and hormones should be your reward.  Hotness will come, but how you treat your body will maintain your quality of life.

Come back for my next 8 thoughts and expect gifts in that newsletter!

In wellness,

Erin and Rod



My Wellness Goals


For those of you who know me, you've seen my planner.  I have it next to me everywhere, and I reference pretty consistently to keep me on task and remind me of what I am accomplishing.

I also take an hour or two out of each month and plan what my goals are going to look like.  For this month, my goals are as follows:

Deadlift 1.5 times my bodyweight 5 times
1 Unassisted Chin Up
4 strength training sessions a week
5 conditioning sessions a week
Meditation Daily
Gratitude Journaling in the evening
Drink at least 120 ounces of water a day
Take my vitamins daily

So what are your goals?  Let me know!  I will check in.

Even better??? Who is going to check in to see if I accomplished them on December 31st?

In wellness,




I Hate Exercising


I said it. The strategy it takes to get to the gym is that of military refinement. I have to bring in multiple parties of support. Then fight through exhaustion of no sleep due to two toddlers. And finally, I have to lift some heavy stuff and be uncomfortable...So I understand why it takes a lot for people to get in the routine of working out when it seems the world is working against us to get in the gym.

But the act of exercising is not why I work out.

I work out because without working out, I am in a constant state of irritation. I get tired quickly. I don't feel good about myself.

Even more? I work out because it affects my chromosomes and gives me longevity. (Crazy, right?)

The reasons I work out are attached to my Personal Vitality Values, not just a weight goal.I want to be a strong, balanced, and vivacious woman for longer than the coined "best years."I don't identify with aging as a bad thing, but I do believe the quality of aging can be somewhat controlled. NOTICE--This statement is MUCH bigger than having a nice butt.The goal of having a nice butt works for us in our 20s, but over time it won't maintain our wellness routine.The goal of strength and health for almost all of my life?Something to work out for.


If you are new to working out, you are struggling to work out, or you just hate it, try a few of these hacks to get some strength training in.

1.)Schedule your workouts before you can weasel out of them. Get it done in the morning.

2.)Work out for 5-10 minutes when you get tired or stressed.I promise those invested minutes will pay in dividends.

3.)Further, do this a few times a day.This is best for balanced hormones.Set about 4 times a day to get in a quick "pump" as they say.

4.)Incorporate walks into your day.Don't stay strapped to your desk.Walk at least once a day.

5.)Shamelessly =)Get a coach.We are experts in getting you through the uncomfortable.

These are just a few ways to combat not working out…


But even better, spend some time creating your Vitality Values.Choose the value statement that makes you smile.That makes you feel energized.

Then become that statement.Your health is the basic building block to longevity.

So, schedule your workouts.Find the value statement that makes you say NO to all the "emergencies" that come up derailing your health goals.

Be in excellent health.

Don't be in lowest priority health.

To accomplish ANYTHING of substance (relationships, work, recreation), you must attach value to your health.

Even if you hate working out, the rewards are much more important.

In wellness,

Erin and Rod

P.S. Remember if you are interested in signing up for a Challenge or a Membership this January, you can receive December for free.That's 4 weeks of training, nutrition coaching, and our beautiful faces.Get with it.



No potatoes for you...jk

Today's post shall be short as I hope you are spending time with those you love instead of being on your phone or computer; however, I wanted to thank you all for opening your emails and remaining readers.

We hope our material is helpful for all of you and that it motivates you to continue your development in wellness and longevity.

This Thanksgiving we will be counting our blessings, pausing for reflection, and being overwhelmed with all of the wonderful people in our community.  Even though we are in some tricky times, we can turn to our friends and loved ones and find some warmth and connection.

Take care today and refer back to our emails if you need any help eating well.  And if you want to get in a quick workout, join us on Facebook Live at 11:45am EST for a 25 minute, multi level fitness workout.  It will keep you feeling energized throughout your entire day.

Be well and again, thank you for your eyes and confidence.

In wellness,

Erin and Rod



A Gift For You


December is always crazy and can easily allow for you to slip up on your health goals.  You get tired and unmotivated and then all of the sudden it is time for our assessment of the year!!

This year we want to get you ready for 2017's Goals by giving away Goal Setting Sessions and a December free to set you up for success this January.

December is a great time for celebrating your wins and reassessing your opportunities, and with the right momentum, you can have an entire year of wellness wins.

If you have any interest in starting your wellness journey a bit early for free, please get in touch with us.

We will set up an appointment for goal setting for the new year, and then get you started on a manageable workout routine for the craziness of December.

You in?

Erin and Rodney



Gas Station Wisdom

Who is excited to drive long distances??

Who is excited to eat from gas station cuisine??

Who is excited for that intense feeling of claustrophobia and butt numbess?

Yeah.  Probably no one.


We get it, so we wanted to give you some great ways to get through traveling without sugar and raw nerves.

Gas station food is tricky, but doable.

For energy, coffee without all of the stuff in it is optimal.  If you must adjust the taste of black coffee, do it sparingly.  Otherwise you are headed for a crash of mood.

Buy some gallon jugs of water because you need hydration.  Yes, this might increase pee breaks, but honestly, being the drive on or die person will only work against you.  Once you get to the destination you will be stiff and tired.

Choose nuts first.  Your food source should not be honey buns.  I repeat.  NOT HONEY BUNS. Choose some good fats like nuts, preferably without M&M's in them.  I know I'm no fun.  Jerky can be good too, just read the label to avoid bloat causing gluten.

Protein bars can be an option.  Read the label though.

If you decide you must go through a drive through because of little ones, don't cave and get whatever.  Choose bunless burgers.  Choose salads.  Choose something that isn't starch or bread based.  Proteins and good fats will sustain your energy.  A belly full of carbs will only slow you down.

Also, do a quick workout when you stop.  For 4 minutes do some speed squats.  If you are shy, park away for the masses.  Run out in the field with family.  Just watch for dog poo.

Use these tactics to keep your road trips energy filled and manageable.


Grumpy people in a small space rarely are enjoyable.


In Wellness,

Erin and Rod


P.S.  Don't forget to tune in at 11:45am for a Family Workout on our Facebook Fan Page.  There will be levels for all fitness!



Travel and Mindset

As the holidays quickly approach, many of you will be traveling to see family or heading on a vacation.  It is time for letting go of responsibility and getting presents, but that doesn't mean you should miss your workouts.  Yes, the idea that workouts are part of your grind should be reassessed.




The sustainability of a routine hinges on how you feel about it.  If you are always looking for a way to get out of working out (NO MATTER THE REASON), you will miss your workouts.  Holidays are no different in how you perform as a person, loved one, friend, family member.  You still need to feel good!


This holiday season find a way to be active on the daily.  Whether it is a long walk, or a quick interval training workout, heading to a gym to lift, or finding a guided workout on Youtube, make the effort to get in 30 minutes of exercise a day.  It will totally be worth it. 


To help with your workout design, join us on Thanksgiving Day for a live, family workout!  We will broadcast it from our Facebook Fan Page.  Stay tuned for exact times.


Choosing to manage your wellness during changes of scenery and routine will give you a huge boost in confidence and mood. 


Don't consider a "change in the grind" to be the opportunity to not take care of yourself, but rather let it be the chance to actually get some time to take care of yourself.


In Wellness,


Erin and Rod


P.S.  If you would like some closer guidance on your workout routine through December for free, let us know!



Stress Relief


Unusually, Rodney and I have been in the middle of the ocean sort of out of touch with the tensions of politics, but we haven't been immune to the intensity in our newsfeeds.  It has been disheartening to see a divide between so many people, but a medium for moving any information and algorithms that encourage divisiveness will yield some separation.  This has created intense stress for many people. 


Today's note, though a bit behind are five great ways to take it down a notch. 


  1. Decide when to engage.  Arguments on Facebook can be fruitful when handled with some finesse and proper engagement, however, they also can be a time and energy suck.  If you share information and it is countered, decide whether it is worth it to engage in the dialogue.  If you have found yourself consistently stressed about comments on Facebook, don't spend too much time making your case.  Have confidence that someone else's opinion is not grounds for deep discomfort, but an opportunity for you to think or prepare thoughtful answers. 


  2. Meditate anytime you feel tension.  Anger can be a great emotion, but how you channel the anger can expose its power.  Remain thoughtful in your words.  Avoid your quickest response.  Breathe.  Pause.  Quiet the mind.


  3. Exercise.  Before entering into any debate, you need to feel focused and calm.  Stress balanced with a quick high intensity interval training workout can even your emotions and allow for better communication.  Going in too hot generally creates a hot response.  Win through thought not aggression.


  4. Don't use memes.  Yes, they can be funny, poignant, and viral, but they also are almost always completely degrading.  A meme will "say what everyone is thinking" but believe me, it is no way to communicate properly in such intense times.  If you would say the meme to a loved one's face without concern for simplifying their position, then post, but if it is degrading in nature, don't share it.


  5. Actually write your opinion.  Don't type it from your phone or computer.  When our endorphins get going, so do our inhibitions.  Sure, Facebook is an easy way to communicate.  It gives us an opportunity to be heard by a lot of people.  How empowering, right?  But it also creates a faceless population eager to selfishly give opinions in as short of a written form as possible.  We get things wrong when we do this.  And though, I would love to think that we are all master wordsmiths, most of us are not.  When we want to be poignant and concise, it is going to take some time.  Instead of lambasting your neighbor figure out ways to see people again in their humanity.  Write your opinion.  Read your opinion.  Write your opinion again.


I believe in the power of communication, but until we get better at engaging each other in a proper public dialogue, I suggest you chose your mediums wisely and relieve the angst as much as possible.


In Wellness,


Erin and Rod



How Rod and Erin Workout

When you own a gym, it would seem like getting a workout in should be pretty simple...


Just like many of you, we have things that come up, children, meetings, appointments, life!!

However, that doesn't give us the excuse to not work out.

And further doesn't negate the fact that we too have to remind ourselves that strength training and conditioning is not just about looking good in our clothes.

We sometimes have to convince ourselves of the long game to maintain our build, because..

Life has changed. We are more sedentary and longer living beings. Our view of what a "quality life" is has changed.

As we age, we expect aches and pains, illness, health problems, etc. This does not have to be the case, though. And this is why getting our workout in is essential to us.

Maintaining your strength as you age is vital. Just to move, you need muscle and the rate of atrophy doubles as you age. You begin to deteriorate. So you gotta work out.

Even more, your hormones change and need ways to balance. So you gotta work out.

And perhaps most challengingly, your mind begins to weaken.

So you gotta workout.

Does this mean that every workout we have is epic, grueling, exhausting?


Our workouts might be a set of heavy squats, or twenty minutes of body weight circuit training, or interval sprinting outdoors. We don't make exercising an event every day.

We instead make it an antidote to aging.

Remember, looking hot is a good goal, but you want a goal that you can have an obsession with.

If you are missing your workouts or rationalizing priorities based on the time in the day, you are thinking from the wrong place.

Today is more than time. It is your place to make good decisions for yourself.

Get your workout in. Your future self will thank you.

In wellness,

Erin and Rod



Prioritizing and Luxury

For some reason, when it comes to fitness or food, "luxury" and "priority" creep into our vocabulary. 

Luxury is rarely considered a priority.  Instead, it is an extraneous expense. 

Further, our "needs" tend to translate into our emotional priorities.  What do we need to "survive" the day, all the way to how do we live a fulfilling life?

Both of these thoughts are indications of our moments in life, however.  These are uncertain decisions which we rationalize.

Neither are givens or easily understood past our decision-making at that single time. 

Neither should be considered frameworks for grappling with certainty or what truly matters.

So let's discuss some certainties...

You need your body to function properly.

You need to eat real food. 

You need to move and avoid deterioration. 

Before you begin rationalizing your priorities or what is considered "luxury" for the DAY, I ask you this question.  Instead of taking care of your body, what did you do in its place that was more important than self preservation?

Yes, from time to time, life seems to get pretty busy and the demands on our time seem to be pretty clear cut.  But it isn't that clearly cut.  You are making it that clearly cut.

Getting in 20 minutes of strength training and eating an avocado and chicken for lunch is pretty basic.  It shouldn't be a shock to your day.  It should be habitual to your day.

So, the next time you start replanning your day or deciding that your food or exercise is luxury or low priority, I would like to remind you that staying alive is far from a luxury and probably your top priority.

Train smartly and timely.  Eat slowly and cleanly.

Simple mantras for big demands.

In tough love,

Erin and Rod



Is working out safe with back pain?


The post is for your friends (or you?) suffering from back pain.

Over the past few weeks, I have encountered some people with chronic back pain.  They have a history of problems with working out or just general movement and their quality of life suffers due to the pain.

We here at Teamwork are not doctors, but we do have a grasp on the postural problems of those suffering from general back pain.

Below are some tips and suggestions for those of you who have or know someone with back pain who wants to workout, but feel they can't with the pain.

1.)  Do not just suffer through it.  Toughing out pain is counterproductive when it comes to working out.  If you have pain, you will not load the muscle properly and, usually, will not put the right amount of effort into the movement.  If it hurts, stop doing the exercise.  There is always a modification or different exercise to avoid the pain.

2.)  Be aware of how you stand.  This is not just a "stand up straight" suggestion.  Standing up straight is different for every single person.  For most of us, we stick our stomachs out not engaging our core muscles.  This overextends the back and weakens our core.  The best cue for keeping our core engaged is reminding ourselves to keep the rib cage pulled down and keep the belly button pulled in toward the spine.  This takes some of the work off the lower back.

3.) Core work should start from the floor, on your back, learning how to engage your stomach muscles correctly.  You should not be jumping into planks and difficult core exercises.  Instead, you should learn how to use your core muscles to simply move.  Lay flat on the floor, and using only your arm and core muscles, roll your body to laying on your stomach.  Reverse this movement still only using your core and arm.  Repeat this a few times throughout the workout.

Next level would be the "dead bug" exercise.  You can see how to do a variation here.

4.)  Use constant cueing when you workout.  If you are overextended in your back in general, it will probably be exasperated when you workout.  To avoid this, it is best to work with a coach, but you also can just constantly cue your body through touch and self talk. 

For example, placing your hands on your rib cage or stomach, reminds you to properly keep your body engaged.    If you are lifting something heavy, exhale engaging the core and position your ribcage down.  If you are pressing overhead, find a mirror or partner and be extra particular about the movement.  Remind yourself over and over that you need to engage your core.

5.)  If you have too much pain doing a workout, move to interval bike training.  You can get a killer workout that way and it will give your lower back some reprieve for a bit.

We hope this email can help you or your loved ones move toward a better quality of life.  You don't have to live with pain.  Make your normal better than status quo.

In wellness,

Erin and Rod



This Week's Challenge

You have about a week.


Yes, the road to hot and healthy is about to get bumpy and it begins this week. Tis the season for all things sugar used as a way to reward you for whatever reason is considered compelling.

There will be the decorative cookies, the candy, the going out to eat because it's a holiday, and the general excitement of a holiday fueling you to engage in less than healthy behavior.

This can be fun, and the fun will encourage you to "relax and live it up." But it will wreak havoc on your stomach area and stamina.

So instead of using this time as an excuse to not take care of yourself, why don't you find better ways to celebrate your holiday?

Instead of hitting that candy placed in the middle of the table for the meeting, why don't you go for the apples and almond butter?

Heck, instead of bringing that candy to the meeting, why don't you write silly Halloween punny cards for the staff?

Instead of going to your kiddos Halloween get together with cookies, why not bring cashews and cheese? (Kids love these.)

Instead of eating out, why not suggest a walk on campus? Here are some tales to tell of our haunted history:

Go out to those pumpkin patches and enjoy local businesses!

This week, instead of eating all of the sugar you can find because it is another holiday, be creative and thoughtful in your celebration.

Here is my challenge to you. Do not eat any added sugar this week. If you are enticed, drink water.

If I hear the excuse, that one wants to relax and enjoy life, my question is, is eating candy enjoying life to you? Truly?

There are SO many delicacies in this life. Eating a Reese's should not be the one you fiend for.

Don't eat sugar for a week.

Kick your habits. Don't make excuses for them.

In wellness,

Erin and Rod



Short, At Home, Family Workout


Family workout for your Saturday!

This is for the crew.  It is fun, short, and energizing.

In 20 minutes, attempt 5-6 rounds of the below.  If you have little ones, use them as weight =)

10 squats
10 push ups
50 mountain climbers
20 Deadbug with dropping the heel to ground
20 high knees

End with a wall sit for 2 minutes.

All of these movements should be done pain free with speed.

If you have questions, please reach out to us and have fun working out with the family today!

In wellness,

Erin and Rod



Handle on the Holidays

For only $199.99, you receive:

  • Over 40 workouts over an 8-week timeframe all under 40 minutes each
  • Accountability Checks
  • Online Support
  • Access to a HELP ME Hotline for questions about food and drinks
  • Holiday Nutrition and Supplement Coaching
  • and an excellent community of supportive people. 


For more information or to sign up, please go to this link!   


With this Challenge, you will avoid holiday bloat and weight gain.  It doesn't mean you can't hang out with the people you love!  It just means you will feel more energized and in control of your body and mind.

Further, if your holidays are stressful, you will need to balance your cortisol with exercise.  

Trust us, this doable Challenge will be the best gift you can give yourself.   


Have a great day and we hope to work with you!

In wellness,
Erin and Rod

P.S.  For those who sign up by the end of the week, we will give you $50 off of your Challenge price.  Get a Handle on your Holidays.  Be awesome for yourself and your loved ones.



The Dreaded Potluck...


 The potluck.

BYOF, but it should be pleasing to the masses, not just you.  It is unpredictable.  It is hard to navigate when you are in the in between for your wellness.

That being said, there are ways to come out of the potluck bloat free.  Here are 5 ways to get your fill at a potluck AND a few recipes that will do the trick for a crowd pleasing dish. 


1.)  Bring something you can eat.  Choose a recipe that you can eat that is filling. 

2.)  Eat the vegetables.  Usually, there is a veggie tray, but also sauteed vegetables.  Things you need to watch out for "cream of" anything.  It has a flour thickener.  Sweet potato casserole--crazy amounts of sugar.

3.)  Choose the protein.  There usually is a meat.  Eat a lot of that.  Cheese can be ok as well.  Just don't overdue it if it is highly processed.  Raw cheeses, nice cheeses, these are ok!

4.)  Desserts--Ice cream or nothing. 

5.)  In addition to your dish, always bring guacamole.  There are plenty of low sugar guac options.  This will be a place to get your fats in and always delicious!

You stick to these rules and you won't have much bloating.  Remember, you chose something bloating, it will diminish your performance for a couple of days.  Eat for your health and eat for the best moments you can have!

Below are some great recipes which are lovely for potlucks.  Also, write the ingredients on a card and leave it in front of the dish!  People will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

1.)  Banana Muffins (hint...paleo baking is easier when you make things smaller)

2.)  Pizza Burgers

3.)  Broccoli Salad

4.)  Smoked Chicken

5.)  BBQ Smokies

6.)  Deviled Eggs

7.)  Chili

8.)  Fruit Salad

9.)  Spicy Salmon

10.)  Or all of the things!

In wellness,

Erin and Rod

P.S.  We will be having a HANDLE ON THE HOLIDAYS Transformation Challenge Sign up next week.  If you have a question about these fast workouts and Healthy Hotline transformation offering, message us!



When You Get Off Track


IF you get off track, our reaction will decide how detrimental the getting off track is.

Yes, you might have bodily reactions.  Bloating.  Pain.  Weight Gain. 

But the most prevalent reaction is guilt along with surrendering to your slip.

I don't agree with cheat meals because of this reaction.  It is painful.

So you need to create a plan for your reaction to a mess up and visualize the slip up.  Think about how it is going to feel for your body and mind.  Think about how you are going to recapture your contentment.  Think about why eating something outside of your values will only hurt your progress.

Imagining what the slip up is going to look like and preparing for how you are going to react, prepares you for the cue of possible poor decision making.

Then hopefully you don't do it when it arises because you have thought about the consequence more than the reward.


If something goes awry, don't make it more than it is.  You messed up.  Don't do it again.

Move on with your eating choices.  Don't reward yourself.  Don't punish yourself (your body will do that for you.)

Just eat better right after that.  Think about the foods that make you thrive.  Think about the foods that always make you feel good.

And remember--"because it is there" is not a good excuse for eating something.  You can always fast or drink water.

Your nutrition choices have more than a moment's effect, but how they affect the rest of your performance separates the nutritionally successful from the not.

Caring for yourself isn't punishment.  Not caring for your body is illogical.

Make good choices and be proactive!

In wellness,

Erin and Rod



All the things are going on...


During the holidays another way our health tends to fail is because our schedules are erratic. 

We make time for the parties, but not the workouts.  We get the kids to events, but grab the fastest food possible instead of nutritious options.

This will take a toll on your waistline and your mood.

Instead, you are going to need to accept the schedule and commit to your health as a priority.  You might have to adjust though.

That being said, your workouts can be dispersed throughout the day.  5-10 minutes bursts of exercise will be effective for mood balance. 

Your nutrition needs to be a standardized meal.  If things are starting to spiral out of your grasp, rotisserie chicken with a low sugar barbeque sauce, guacamole and some broccoli or cauliflower will be sufficient.

Below are a few workouts you can do broken up over time.  You will not regret doing any of this when things get busy.  I guarantee it.

1.) countdown from 15. Bodyweight squats and push ups. 15 of each, then 14 of each, then 13 of each...etc. I suggest doing this at the energy slump in your day.


2.)  Teamwork Warm Up (roll out with a hard ball, heel to butt, side to side lunges, inch worm, skipping in place, imaginary jump rope--all of these one minute each) then for the workout, do this 4 times-Bodyweight squat - 20 as fast as you can keeping good form, push ups - 10 modify as needed (elevate using a chair)Mountain Climbers - 20 modify as needed (elevate on chair)Down/Up - 2 each - lie down on your back, get up to a standing position (safely!) come down under control. Switch the side you use to come up.

Download the breath 2 relax app if possible and complete 1 session

3.)  TWB Warm Up

20 minutes (however many rounds you can do in 20 minutes)

15 push ups 10 Deadbugs20 squats20 mountain climbers


After 20 minutes, try a 45 sec plank.

Breathe to Relax.

4.)  TWB Warm up

5 rounds in 20 minutes

10 push upssplit squats 10 on each leg25 squats45 sec of mountain climbers


Finish with 3 45 sec planks or Deadbugs

Breathe to Relax

5.)  TWB warm up

Time each round cutting down time each time. 4 rounds.

Plank or deadbug 1 minute20 mountain climbers10 push ups (plyo if you can)20 air squats


Walk outside.

6.)  Set a timer for 2 mins. Alternate exercises for as many rounds as possible in the 2 minute period. Rest 1 min before moving on to the next superset.

8 push-ups 8 air squats


Rest 1:00


8 split squats R8 split squats L8 "jump" squats (don't jump of you have any knee or back pain, do these as quick as possible)


Rest 1:00

Complete this for 3x

For an extra challenge, hold a front plank instead of resting.

In wellness,

Erin and Rod



Not going to do this with you, todaaay



Yes, sometimes I have guilty pleasures.  And reality TV at times is quite satisfying to my inner teenager.  For a moment, I would indulge in Being Bobby Brown.  There were a couple of golden egg quotes from the Bobby Brown and Late Whitney Houston show, and one of my favorites was this.  Although I altered it slightly, it is my go to response for those who question your health choices as limiting.

When you make a decision to eat a certain way, you, weirdly, come into a world of confrontation.  You are questioned.  You are made fun of.  You are talked about.  You are second guessed.  You are challenged.

Now, most of you don't spend your days and weekends researching nutrition, so a teachable moment might be a challenge for the "experts" in your life.  Instead, you are going to have to toughen up a bit.  You are going to have to assert yourself.  You are going to have to smile and disagree.

With a lot of floating misconceptions about the historical world of dieting, we live in a place where taking control of our health shouldn't be maintained IF "real life" is happening.  Moderation enters the discussion and is used (GRE word, here) vehemently in support of "balance." 

But we are getting lost in definition.  For those of us  trying to live the longest, most disease free life, we know that certain foods destroy our progress and body.  You just DON'T eat those foods.  Not in moderation.  Not because so and so is in town.  Not because I have done it in the past.  It isn't self restraint.  It isn't a diet.  You just know that some foods make you hurt, make you stress, and make you sad. 

"Balance" or "Moderation" for life-altering substance isn't an option. 

Instead of arguing or feeling like an elitist, choose few different ways of communicating your new lifestyle when someone asks if you want something that doesn't fit in with your new food values.

1.)  No, thanks.

2.)  Nope.

3.) I'm fine.

4.) (defer) No, but can I get a glass of water or iced tea?

5.)  (defer) I'm actually eyeing the roast.

6.)  No.

Some of this is tongue and cheek, but your food choices do not have to be broadcast. 

If someone wants to get into the discussion about it and you want to participate, a simple "I just really like eating xyz because it makes me feel good," should suffice.

And one of my favorite responses from Rodney Root for those who deeply question your nutrition choices, "how is your nutrition working out?"  (a last resort for the family gathering, tee hee.)

Yes, what you put in your mouth is your decision.  Not anyone else's.  How you form a better life is through belief in your cause.  Being swayed by another's expectation is a lackluster excuse.

Socializing doesn't have to be about the food.  You do not have to this with them, toooddaayyy.

Being together can be enough. Oh, and when there is nothing to eat, fasting for the evening is harmless and there is ALWAYS a veggie tray.

In wellness,

Erin and Rod