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Print this on your wall!

Print this on your wall!

Wanting to stay on track, motivated, thinking…post this in your home!


10 Ways to Succeed


1.)     Give your goals deadlines and make progress on them every day.  Even if it is small improvements.

2.)    Handle adversity.  If you can’t handle stress, you will buckle under every pressure.  Confront adversity.  Get back up after you fall down.

3.)    No matter how many programs you buy, how many shakes, how many online tracking apps…it is worthless if you don’t use it and GET BETTER.  Longevity of results comes from getting better, not just showing up.

4.)    Always survey your health.  Download Grid Diary.  Make your own processes for checking in with your health.  Don’t just stagnate.  Write things down. 

5.)    The fastest way to optimal body composition and health is strength training and nutrition.  If you aren’t doing these things, your body won’t change quickly.  If you are, get a little better every day.

6.)    Proper movement beats lifting heavy things poorly.  Know how to move and watch your strength change drastically.

7.)    Success without work is a lie.

8.)    Create accountability around you through loved ones, coaches, and measurements.  When things get tough, potential keeps you moving.

9.)    How to get good results?  Win more than lose at your behaviors every single day.

10.)   Have a plan.  If you do not have a coach, you have to have a plan at least a month out.  Otherwise, you cannot be consistent.



Immersing yourself with ways to get better means you have unlimited opportunity.  If you can’t see that, you need to change your mind.


In wellness,

Erin and Rod

Are you doing this every month?

Are you doing this every month?

Every month, you need to be writing down your accomplishments in wellness.

The pain of missing the mark will cloud your sense of self more than the wins for most people, so most of us need to be really deliberate about how we think about accomplishments.

In fact, I heard someone say once that you need 5 good things in your brain bank to offset 1 bad thing.  I believe that.  Though I do not think that it is a fixed feeling IF you work on it all of the time.

By the end of this month, you should have a list of every single thing you did and have continued to do to better your health .

Things to consider?

Foods you ate
Foods you ate when circumstances were more challenging
Ways you managed your emotions
How many times did you move or exercise?
How many times did you quietly reflect on goodness?
Did you overcome negativity?
Did you change priorities?

You cannot overcome negative thoughts without overdoing it.  Overdo your positivity in the next few days.  Write down all that is good.  Even ratio it out!  

You will find that the negative, WHICH YOU DID GET THROUGH EVEN IF IT WAS PAINFUL AT THE TIME, had a lot of positive attached to it.  

You ARE doing great things.  Celebrate them.

My Struggles

My Struggles

Believe it or not, I am always trying to get better in my health (this is tongue in cheek).  I'm refining my habits and trying to add some new ones in!

And I have some struggles with that, mostly because it is easy to prioritize as I always have.  But that isn't an excuse...I wanted to share my struggles both as an exercise for myself, but also because you should know that you can always get better and it doesn't have to be a negative thing.

Here is a list of my challenges and what I am doing to get on track.

Maybe you also have suggestions??  Also, feel free to email back with your challenges and I can give you a couple of tips to change your mind on prioritizing!

My struggles:

1.)  Water Intake.  Yeah, this is my worst.  When I used to hit my water intake, I was in a sedentary job and I could just chug water.  After having babies and changing into a very active profession, drinking water has become really hard for me.  Excuse?  Not prioritizing it.  My roadblocks, however, are getting heartburn if my stomach is too full.  After having my girls, my stomach moved or something and I get heartburn pretty badly if I over eat or drink.  This means I can't drink a lot in one setting.  Further, my daughters scream if I drink from a water bottle because they too want to hydrate EXACTLY like mom.  I also am very particular about smells and if my water bottle smells a certain way or tastes too soapy, I won't drink out of it lol.  BUT I know I am not drinking enough water which is terrible for my body.

What am I doing?

I purchased a LARGE water bottle and have definitely seen my water intake go up.  

I try to wash the water bottle on the regular with hot water.  

What else should I do?  Make the decision to get it done.  Read some scary research on not getting enough water.   Drink water anytime my kids can't see me.  

2.)  Meditation.  This is a behavior I used to have on lockdown, but I also didn't work at 6am.  Now my priorities in the morning have switched to working, SO what should I be doing to add this mindfulness and focus exercise to my life??

Start doing it 7 days in a row.  Even if it is only for 2 minutes.  Work my way up on the time frame.

Work on breathing at the same time.

3.)  Vitamins.  Rodney is my crutch here and probably at my detriment, since I have no ownership of the task.  He is very good about his vitamin intake and usually sets mine out.  All I have to do is literally swallow them.  I need to hit a 7 day streak so this week, I WILL do that.  I always sleep better when I take my vitamins, but a lot of times I just push it off because I am tired.  It is only like 2 minutes (yes, it takes me a long time to take 14 pills) of my time.  I just need to do it.

4.)  No phone after 8pm.   As a business owner and accountability coach, I live on my phone.  It is my livelihood, but it occupies me from being present with family, affects my sleep, and messes with my posture.  I have found that losing my phone is the best way for me to not use it (Toddlers steal!), but I am thinking that hiding it is effective.  Again, a 7 day streak might be my first step towards getting it right.

Yes, those are my current struggles.  The next 7 days I WILL be accomplishing these things.  I will check in next Wednesday.  Also, let me know if you have suggestions for making things work!  I am always up for problem solving in new creative ways!

BUT, how about you?  What are your most difficult behaviors?  What are you going to do for the next 7 days??

Write it down and commit with me!  Once we are through the initial decision making phase, it will become part of our persona.

Let's do this!