Sports Performance Training and youth development

Some athletes exercise.  other athletes have a gym membership and workout.  At Teamwork, our athletes train to improve their game.


Sports Performance Training and youth development

Some athletes exercise.  other athletes have a gym membership and workout.  At Teamwork, our athletes train to improve their game.

What are the benefits of TRAINING at Teamwork?

  • Reduced Likelihood of Injury. The most important ability is AVAILABILITY. Strong, robust and resilient athletes are what we build at Teamwork Bloomington. A well-trained athlete = a healthy and happy athlete.
  • Improved Speed and Agility. Some coaches throw random drills at an athlete and call it "speed training". At Teamwork Bloomington, our coaches are students of speed. As the saying goes, "Speed Kills". In team sports, speed almost always predicates success. Our athletes experience the most advanced speed training methods available. 
  • Increased Muscle Mass. A stronger, more muscular athlete almost always performs, feels and looks better on the field or court. We aren't in the business of producing bulky, clunky body-builders. We help athletes become strong, physical specimens who move well and have strong, stable joints - protected by lean muscle.
  • Improved Strength. Strength is the body's ability to generate force to overcome an external resistance. A stronger athlete is usually a faster, more explosive, better athlete. A stronger athlete requires less effort to sprint down than a court than his/her weaker teammates.
  • Improved Conditioning. Most think of conditioning as running up and down a court until someone starts throwing up. There's a better and smarter way! Conditioning is best defined as a measure of the athlete's maximum sustainable power output across a given duration. The more power you’re able to maintain throughout an event, the higher your conditioning level is. Our goal isn't to have athletes hunched over and losing their lunch. Our goal is to have the athletes who can go strong from 




Pricing and Program Options

21st century athletics are reaching heights never seen before in the history of the world. Tremendous athletes with gifted abilities are born everyday and the only way to compete is train harder, more efficiently and with greater planning.

Not only does the modern athlete need to be uniquely skilled at their sport but they also need the endurance, strength and agility to out match their competitors. Semi-private and group athletic training can take you to new heights and new levels.

It's Sport Specific

Athletic trainer and coach Rod Root is Bloomington Indiana's athletic training authority when it comes to working with athletes preparatory to collegiate competition. Training at TeamWork will help you develop the specific muscle groups key to your sports. Through strength training you'll build a solid core foundation that will give you the edge over today's competition.

How Does it Work?

The first step on your fitness journey is to schedule a free fitness consultation. Professional Fitness Instructor Rod Root will do an initial physical to test your flexibility, balance and strength. This first test will help give you an appropriate workout routine for where you're at physically. You'll also discuss your performance goals and your game of choice to hone in on a specific program for your needs. Injured? No problem, we'll compose a safe but challenging workout to help you along the recovery path. After the initial testing we'll make recommendations on a weekly schedule and routine.


Program Options


youth Development--ages 8-11

Starting at $189.99 per month for 2 days a week, a young athlete develops into a stronger human, body and mind.  The sessions are lead by an approachable strength coach who encourages a love of movement and a special introduction to the weight room for young athletes.  

Expect your youth to learn work ethic, the power of strength and conditioning, and have a respect for hard work in a healthy, safe environment.  This program is for developing our next generation of athlete.


Personalized athletic performance

Starting at $189.99* per month get semi-private training at a time that fits your schedule 2 days a week. Taking a more customized approach and working as an individual, you'll get personal attention from our Team Coaches helping you train smart and effectively according to your specific needs as an athlete. Push yourself to the next level with options at 3* days a week at $289.99.  Finally, the best value and reserved for the most serious athlete, 4* times a week at $349.99.  Included in this rate is an in season option.  This will be discussed in your Strategy Session.

**3 month contracts. Commitment is essential for this program.  We do not workout.  We learn about the athlete and then we train.

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Team Athletic Performance

As low as $69.99/mo.

This is a TEAM per person rate.  For organizations that want to create a performance environment and have   strength coaches that encourage power and confidence of movement, an entire team can receive training for as low as $69.99 an athlete.  There must be at least 8 people interested on the team.  

**This membership is discussed in person or over phone.  Packages like this are strategized and collaborative.  We will initially schedule a meeting with the coach, have a team wide Functional Movement Screening, and proceed with best types of programming.


Are you ready to BRING IT?


Are you the parent of a student athlete who's ready to get back in the gym?
Is your son or daughter looking great and feeling great, and you want that for yourself?

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Schedule Your Consultation today.


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Our programming begins with a close relationship with the athlete and their parents or parental figures.  To learn more about the programming, meet coaches, and get a plan in place for the athlete, please schedule a consultation.  We will email or text you back within 24 hours of submission.  The consultation will include a Functional Movement Screening, goal setting, and a recap of the season.


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