Chelsie Lindauer

Chelsie is one of our greatest success stories because she has built an exceptional work ethic. What shines about this athlete is her ability to make decisions for herself. She knows what she wants and she has worked consistently to reach her goals. Rarely do you meet such maturity and understanding of self development at 15 years old.

When we met Chelsie, she was a bit shy. In fact, I wasn't quite sure if she wanted to be in our program. She hung towards the back of the crowd she trained with. She joined during our All Women's Program with some friends when she was in 8th grade.

We knew she was taking the program seriously, but she also was taking all the information she could in. She a little nervous and concerned about her busy schedule with practice and school workouts, but she was always willing to figure it out and move forward quickly. She’s a natural problem solver.

For over a year she trained several days per week. We addressed her movement quality, strength at her ankle/foot and hips to protect her knees, and creating a stable and solid core. And now, at the young age of 15, she has changed herself to an EXPLOSIVE athlete. As you can see in the picture, the girl has got some power!

Chelsie is always in the gym. Always getting a little better in the during her season and out of season. We communicate with her parents about her progress. We talk with her. She is IMMERSED in the program and got every drip of progress out of her own motivation. What an incredible accomplishment for such a young person!

This year she played middle hitter because she could get super high with her blocks and she is considered a leader on the court for her intensity and focus. Who knows what her sophomore year will bring!

Quite a long way for the girl who hung towards the back of her crew her 8th grade year.

Chels...we are VERY proud of you and excited for the success your high school years will bring! #TeamworkFam

Cooper bybee

The work is NEVER complete! Not in sports and not in life.

Success leaves clues. What did Cooper do that most athletes don't do? He committed to a plan. He stuck to the plan. He trusted his coaches and trained four days per week in the weightroom and spent time on the court with his skills coach Jordan Basye. This was a LONG-term plan. Not six weeks, not a single summer, not six months, but close to SIX YEARS. Brick by brick. Day by day...he built himself into a D1 Basketball player. He committed . Sometimes he trained when he was sore, he worked out when he was tired...he worked on his body and his strength year round! Year after year.

Coop bought in to eating right, taking care of his body, and he trained like an absolute monster for close to SIX years. Watching all of his hard work pay off is what brings a tear to my eye and a smile to my face.

But, like I said, the work is never complete...guys like Coop never "make it". He will dig in and compete to get better every day, no matter what level he’s reached. I know he's just getting started. #provethemwrong #TeamworkFam



Cassie hayes

Positive, consistent, and growing.

This weekend I got to watch some of our athletes at a softball tournament locally and today I wanted to talk about the one on the left of this picture, Cassie Hayes.

Cassie started training with us during our All Girls Challenge which we hold every November. She had some weight training under her belt through the high school, but still wanted to get better and see what our program had to offer.

Notably, she ALWAYS, ALWAYS greets us with a smile and hard work. She takes coaching really well on the floor and continually makes sure she is SHOWING UP for her sessions. Even in the in season.

When I watched her play this week, it was clear she was a leader. She provided energy. She encouraged team cohesiveness. She demonstrated a high level of athleticism. She had a confidence in her that was competitive edge and strength.

This weekend her team took the title and she will still be in the gym this week improving her body and her performance…continuing to be the leader she is.

#provethemwrong #TeamworkFam