Our Team

TeamWork is a family business! Meet local Bloomington trainers and owners Rod and Erin.


Rod Root

Rod has been training in athletic performance and personal fitness in Bloomington since 2010. His clientele range in diversity from Division 1 and professional athletes to weight losing hopefuls who just need help getting in shape.

Certified by USA Weightlifting under the USOC, Functional Movement Systems (FMS), and the International Coaching Association, Rod has the qualifications to train the human body at any level.

Rod enjoys reading books on Fitness, Nutrition and Entrepreneurialism. He's a dedicated father to Carolyn and Winnie and partner in life with the beautiful Erin Parks. 


erin Parks

Erin and Rod met at Rod's former gym where she was a client working on her own fitness goals. The two made eyes and it was true love. The two decided to start TeamWork with each other's help in 2013.

As partners in life and in business Erin is the glue that holds it all together. With a strong background in business development and start up strategy much of Erin's role is on the business and marketing end.

She's a committed community member, proud mama and a solid trainer in her own right. In her spare time Erin makes beautiful jewelry, participates in theater and studies world religions.


Jordan bayse

Jordan's background is in youth and high school basketball. He focuses on student athlete development and coaching.


Marcus Thimios

Marcus is a graduate from IU with a degree in exercise sciences. He is from Cary, Illinois and enjoys music and staying fit. As the Lead Performance Coach he helps in training Teamwork members and getting them the best results.