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Are you a coach with a team that needs to get faster, more explosive, and better conditioned?


Have you used all of your resources and creativity towards developing a plan for creating more powerful athletes, but still see untapped potential in your team?


Do you have key players who need to strengthen their strengths yet guard their weaknesses?


Are you stretched for time and would prefer creating strategy, practice optimization needing an assistant that you don’t need to manage?


Do you need a specified budget for getting your team better to give to your Athletic Director, but have no idea where to start?


If you answer yes to any of these questions, Teamwork Bloomington has a solution for you.


Team Athletic Performance is a program for an entire sports team.  It is a collaborative effort between a driven coach and the best strength coaches in the area designing a strength, speed and conditioning plan that takes athlete’s potential to the next level.


Rod Root, Owner of Teamwork Bloomington, has lead hundreds of athletes to State Championships, D1 and D2 programs, and brings his knowledge of high performance and elite programming to your team tailored to your strengths and opportunities.  He has been recruited by Division I strength programs, but has chosen to develop athletes in his community.


Why?  Because every athlete who wants to put in some work should have access to high level strength training.




Further, no coach should be burdened with a strength training program.  The risk is high and your time is precious.  


So what can you expect from the program?

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A tailored strength program and a collaborative coach who LOVES seeing teams succeed.  In a series of focused meetings and phone calls, Coach Rod will develop a personal Team strength and speed program that addresses strengths and opportunities of the athletes


Next, we will need to identify any dysfunction in the athlete, because an athlete that doesn’t move well is prone to injury...and Injury prevention begins with screenings.  We will do a Team Wide Functional Movement Screening designing programming for each individual athlete protecting them from overuse injury, impingement, and pain.  At the very basic level, each athlete should know places they can get better quickly!




Finally, a Teamwork Bloomington Sports Performance Coach will coach your athletes in the programming for maximal returns.   Whether at your facility or ours, each athlete will get the attention they need to lift safely, powerfully, and effectively.

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Over time you will see your athletes get stronger, more connected, and faster giving you time and energy to devote to leadership and strategy for these motivated and better prepared athletes.


And this is where your time is better spent.  Creating an excellent team...not syphoning through the internet to find best practices in speed and power training.


Put the best strength coaches in the area on your team to handle that.  Make sure your athletes get the attention they deserve in a strength program.  Create a performance mentality with our Teamwork Bloomington Coaches--truly motivated and exceptional coaches ready for your leadership!


To set up your strategy session, please fill out the below form.  A Teamwork Bloomington Performance Coach will get into contact with you within 24 hours.


We look forward to hearing from you!

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