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Our Adult Fitness Program

One of the biggest challenges of adulthood is finding the time to do just about anything. We're all very busy and because of the juggle, we end up neglecting our well being.  We think getting the results we want will take hours and hours in the gym.  We think we need to work on old injuries and nagging pain.  Not really appealing or motivating, right?  So instead of taking action, we just wait for the right time...and it never comes.

In fact, the typical American with a desire to be healthy does really well at the beginning of the year!

They've set their New Year's resolutions to get back in the gym, change how they eat and then within a few months or even weeks, it's back to never going to the gym, eating our old ways and always feeling guilty about it. But Teamwork Bloomington doesn't accept this pattern, because we understand cycles of motivation.  We help people change their lives in meaningful ways.

  Why you might ask? .

We get Personal.

All of our programming is personalized constantly changing with your life demands in mind.  Teamwork Bloomington has coaches, both for nutrition and strength training, giving you the accountability, direction and encouragement to stick with your fitness goals all year long and beyond.  Our coaches never give up when it comes to getting you the results you want, and we care deeply about YOU.  Because of that, you'll get guidance, moral support, and you'll never be bored.

How Does it Work?

The first step on your fitness journey with Teamwork is to schedule a free fitness consultation. Professional Fitness Coaches, Rod Root and Erin Parks, will do an initial assessment to test your flexibility, balance and strength. This first test will help give our coaches guidance in giving you an appropriate, personalized program.   We'll also make recommendations on how many times a week fits your goals and schedule in the meeting.

Why all of the front end talking?  Strength training can be done by everyone, BUT to do it right, your coaches need to know about your movement, your life, and health history.   Best results comes with best practices and you can expect that from the coaches at Teamwork.

What does programming look like?  See below...


Program Options


Adult  Performance

Starting at $189.99 per month** train for up to 2 days a week with personalized programming meant to get you looking and feeling awesome.  This includes nutrition education, accountability, measurements, and access to Teamwork Bloomington's private Facebook community.

Get better results with options at 3 ($249.99) days a week or 4 days a week ($299.99) with Teamwork!

**These are 3 month agreements.


Are you ready to make things happen?


Are you an adult athlete looking to take your game to the next level?
Do you have a student athlete with aspirations of making it to the varsity or collegiate stage?

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