Cupping at Teamwork Bloomington--quick facts!

Quick Fact Sheet about Cupping!

1) Cupping marks are NOT bruises. The discolorations come from the blood being brought to the surface of the skin. The marks show where congestion and issues in the tissues are located!

2) Benefits - removes toxins through the skin, increases blood flow and lymph flow, softens muscles quicker, reduces hypersensitive pain areas, helps with digestion, increases range of motion, helps reduce cellulite

3) There are three different kinds of cups - silicon suction cups, plastic cups which use a suction gun, and glass cups which use fire to bring the skin into the cup

4) Cups can be used for muscle recovery, chronic conditions, injury recovery, maintaining optimal health, cellulite reduction, and detoxing the body.

5) Cupping does not hurt as it is applied. There can be some discomfort or pulling at first, but the skin and muscles get used to the cups being applied.

Feel free to ask me any other questions you might have about cupping!

Leisa Parks, CMT, CCT, CORE Myofascial Therapist

Sports Training at Teamwork Bloomington

What is sports training at Teamwork Bloomington?

There are always buzzwords surrounding strength training in athletics and one of those is sports performance and training.

Why sports performance?

Sports performance is about the ability to have excellence in athleticism for the demands of your sport.

Training for sports performance helps the athlete become robust, explosive, elastic, fast, agile, healthy in the places that demand excellence from the athlete in that sport.

For example, a sprinter needs to be built in the places the way their body is situated in competition and practice.  A sprinter will work on becoming powerful and elastic in their “sagittal plane” in both single and double leg positions.  The programming also will be accompanied with health movements so the athlete does not overtrain or over pattern their competitive movement.  We also will take care of their tissues and encourage recovery so the practice, training, and competitive edge are comprehensive.

For example a sports training session will look like this…

Repositioning of hips and ribcage through breathing, Dynamic warm up and myofascial release (stretching, rolling out)

Fast twitch muscle training warm up--throwing medicine balls, hurdles, vertimax jumping

Speed training

Strength movements

Single leg or arm movements to accompany the strength movements the best


Myofascial release and breathing

Recap with coach on session

All of this will be done in one session at Teamwork Bloomington and usually done 3-4 times a week depending on the seriousness of the athlete.

If you have interest in getting the best results for your sports training and off season, please contact us!  We can have a plan ready for you!

Erin Parks

Owner of Teamwork Bloomington

What is Personal Training at Teamwork Bloomington?

What is “personal training” at Teamwork Bloomington?

Teamwork Bloomington builds all of their experience off of results for their members.  We continually educate and check ourselves to ensure that our programming fits the needs of our members.

One of the most important parts of results if the personalization of the coaching.  At one time, there was an idea that we could build programming for that person and because they were doing that, they would get better.

On the flip, there also have been trends where if the weight of the lift is going up, then we know it is going to show up as better.

Even more...we have seen one program given to multiple people which probably would work to get results if it was done well, but it does not get results because it is not coached for movement and quality, but only intensity and progress.

Because our main goal is to get our members results, do the least amount of harm, and make them feel progressive and seen, we changed our programming to a coaching intensive environment.

This means the burden of expertise is on the coach to personalize the training experience.

This is different than anything in Bloomington, Indiana.

Our personal training is not private, but about seeing the person for their strengths, their weaknesses, their movements, their goals, their energy levels, their aches and pains, their enjoyment!

We create a template program which is designed based off of the potential result of the lift.  From there, the coach coaches for form, for consistency, for intensity, for productivity, and for safety.  

We do this because it is essential that the coach know the person and it is essential that the coach knows the program really well.

Because we have these two effects happening, there is always direction in the training session.

One size NEVER FITS ALL.  But a coach who believes in PERSONAL TRAINING will know that a lift can be fit to anyone, the coach just needs to know the person.

If you are looking for a personal trainer in Bloomington, consider Teamwork Bloomington.  

We build communities in health, fitness, sports performance, and results.  We are a gym family and a high level performance environment.

Those who want results and a coach will thrive in our environment.


Introducing Our NEW Blog!

I’ve been a teacher for a long time.  I’m hard nosed.  I’m creative.  I’m driven.  I’m goal oriented.


Now as I am in the youth development work, it is important to write on the state of change.


Every week I will discuss tactics, climates, challenges, along with tips and lessons on working with young athletes.


What will fluctuate is the fitness level, personality, and goal of athlete.  All will be relevant.


Today I wanted to give my philosophy on coaching young athletes.  


Arguably, I would never consider myself an expert, but I do have an understanding of human behavior.


When it comes to coaching athletes, I have 2 things I am hoping to accomplish.


  1. Create trust.

  2. Instill excellence.


And in this order.


The creating trust is probably the easiest because it is all about the athlete.  The relationship is driven by my interest in their success.  


On the other hand, instilling excellence is much more challenging.  Specifically in a strength training setting.


Athletes are busy and parents are protective.


Now that does not mean I am trying to beat them up as a coach, but as the only person that does not punish for poor performance, I have to be really good at influence.


This involves parent interaction, being present, and being much more interested in the athlete than anyone else.


Weird, right?  


Strength coaches get the least attention and respect, but probably develop an athlete more than most coaches.


In our first 3 blogs, I will be talking about YOUNG athletes.  8-10 year old children that are either pushed by parents to be great, need to get moving because they have got energy to expel, or their parents are trying to instill a sense of health in their athlete.


I start here because it is the easiest age, but most physically demanding as a coach.


If you are out there, reading this and trying to figure out how to get your kiddo moving, this will be a great theme for you!


Let’s take care of our athletes and build some mental resilience along the way!!