Quick Fact Sheet about Cupping!

1) Cupping marks are NOT bruises. The discolorations come from the blood being brought to the surface of the skin. The marks show where congestion and issues in the tissues are located!

2) Benefits - removes toxins through the skin, increases blood flow and lymph flow, softens muscles quicker, reduces hypersensitive pain areas, helps with digestion, increases range of motion, helps reduce cellulite

3) There are three different kinds of cups - silicon suction cups, plastic cups which use a suction gun, and glass cups which use fire to bring the skin into the cup

4) Cups can be used for muscle recovery, chronic conditions, injury recovery, maintaining optimal health, cellulite reduction, and detoxing the body.

5) Cupping does not hurt as it is applied. There can be some discomfort or pulling at first, but the skin and muscles get used to the cups being applied.

Feel free to ask me any other questions you might have about cupping!

Leisa Parks, CMT, CCT, CORE Myofascial Therapist