What is sports training at Teamwork Bloomington?

There are always buzzwords surrounding strength training in athletics and one of those is sports performance and training.

Why sports performance?

Sports performance is about the ability to have excellence in athleticism for the demands of your sport.

Training for sports performance helps the athlete become robust, explosive, elastic, fast, agile, healthy in the places that demand excellence from the athlete in that sport.

For example, a sprinter needs to be built in the places the way their body is situated in competition and practice.  A sprinter will work on becoming powerful and elastic in their “sagittal plane” in both single and double leg positions.  The programming also will be accompanied with health movements so the athlete does not overtrain or over pattern their competitive movement.  We also will take care of their tissues and encourage recovery so the practice, training, and competitive edge are comprehensive.

For example a sports training session will look like this…

Repositioning of hips and ribcage through breathing, Dynamic warm up and myofascial release (stretching, rolling out)

Fast twitch muscle training warm up--throwing medicine balls, hurdles, vertimax jumping

Speed training

Strength movements

Single leg or arm movements to accompany the strength movements the best


Myofascial release and breathing

Recap with coach on session

All of this will be done in one session at Teamwork Bloomington and usually done 3-4 times a week depending on the seriousness of the athlete.

If you have interest in getting the best results for your sports training and off season, please contact us!  We can have a plan ready for you!

Erin Parks

Owner of Teamwork Bloomington