What is “personal training” at Teamwork Bloomington?

Teamwork Bloomington builds all of their experience off of results for their members.  We continually educate and check ourselves to ensure that our programming fits the needs of our members.

One of the most important parts of results if the personalization of the coaching.  At one time, there was an idea that we could build programming for that person and because they were doing that, they would get better.

On the flip, there also have been trends where if the weight of the lift is going up, then we know it is going to show up as better.

Even more...we have seen one program given to multiple people which probably would work to get results if it was done well, but it does not get results because it is not coached for movement and quality, but only intensity and progress.

Because our main goal is to get our members results, do the least amount of harm, and make them feel progressive and seen, we changed our programming to a coaching intensive environment.

This means the burden of expertise is on the coach to personalize the training experience.

This is different than anything in Bloomington, Indiana.

Our personal training is not private, but about seeing the person for their strengths, their weaknesses, their movements, their goals, their energy levels, their aches and pains, their enjoyment!

We create a template program which is designed based off of the potential result of the lift.  From there, the coach coaches for form, for consistency, for intensity, for productivity, and for safety.  

We do this because it is essential that the coach know the person and it is essential that the coach knows the program really well.

Because we have these two effects happening, there is always direction in the training session.

One size NEVER FITS ALL.  But a coach who believes in PERSONAL TRAINING will know that a lift can be fit to anyone, the coach just needs to know the person.

If you are looking for a personal trainer in Bloomington, consider Teamwork Bloomington.  

We build communities in health, fitness, sports performance, and results.  We are a gym family and a high level performance environment.

Those who want results and a coach will thrive in our environment.