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Think about your body as if it were a robot. If you were a robot how would you stay powered on? You'd need to charge some type of battery right? Food sources are like different types of batteries.

Sugars and Carbs which are the body's first stop for energy are stored in the blood and muscles. This would be like trying to power your robot with AA batteries that are low density and have a short life cycle. You've got to replace them often just to keep going.

Second, your body looks for Protein Glycogen for energy stored in the muscles. This would be like the Lithium Ion which is high density and rechargeable. But, like a Lithium Ion you have to keep it charged, otherwise your body will start to use your muscles for energy and you'll start to atrophy. This is another reason why weight lifting is important. Lifting will force your body to use protein to build and restore muscle throughout the day and use stored fat for energy instead.

Last, Fat can be compared to a lead acid car battery which is big, heavy and a tremendous source of energy. The trick to weight loss is getting your body to go directly to the fat source for energy. If you've got no carbs to burn and your muscles are busy using the protein all that's left is the fat right? Awesome!


ketosis unlocked

"Ketone Bodies" are produced when your liver starts to convert fat into energy. This can only happen after the body has depleted its glycogen resources found in protein and there are no carbs to burn quickly.

With ketone bodies running through your body you'll be a fat burning machine! Not only that, you'll feel more alert with increased neurological functions, you'll improve your heart health and insulin resistance and many other benefits.


What to eat

The ketogenic diet is a high fat, medium protein and low carb diet. It consists of both lean and fatty meats. Healthy Fats from oily foods like fish and avocados. Low-Carb Veggies. Butter, yogurt, nuts and eggs are all very good for the ketodiet. Avoid sugars and limit fruit to a smaller portion of your daily diet.

Try some of these keto recipes:

Ketogenic Diet


Common pitfalls

Following any diet plan can be very stressful, expensive and time consuming. We get that. Normal people have a lot going on and adding a "restrictive" diet to the mix can be more than challenging. But staying in ketosis to burn fat requires a lot of sacrifice if you are going to do it at all. Here are some of the most common mistakes when it comes to seeking ketosis.

  1. Thinking of it as a forever plan with no end in sight — Remember that the two main goals of being in ketosis are to burn fat and increase brain functioning throughout the day. That said, think of diet choices as sitting on one of two benches. The first bench is the bench at the bus station. At this bench, you have a place you need to get to at a certain time. The second bench is a park bench where you have more leisure time and don't necessarily have a goal to be anywhere or to get anything done. You can't spend your entire life on the park bench because we all have to get work done. So there is a time for the bus station bench and a time for the park bench. If you are shooting for ketosis you are trying to focus all of your energy into burning fat. So that is your end in sight. When you're where you want to be you can visit the park bench, but again you can't stay there forever or you'll be back to where you were.
  2. Giving up to soon — People give up for a lot of reasons. One, it's hard. It's meant to be hard but if you want LEVEL 1 Results you have to pay the cost. Two, we make excuses. Most excuses worth fighting for are valid, but they are still excuses. Quitting because you couldn't get your husband or wife to eat similarly is surely valid and that is a real problem; that doesn't make it any less of an excuse. If you want it bad enough you work like a short order chef to your family and make this happen. Remember excuses are like armpits; everybody has at least two and they all stink.
  3. Not even trying — Not giving it a try is like a combination of the first two pitfalls. You look at the challenge ahead of you, think that it's impossible and you give up before you even begin. Or maybe you tip toe in and have regular "cheat" meals and desserts. We're not saying to take our word for it. We're saying try it yourself. Prove us wrong. Try the ketogenic diet for a month and prove if these thing do not work for you. You will get the results you are looking for but you have to put your first foot down.

But what if we said there is an easier way?

We'll never tell you that there is a way around healthy diet and exercise. We know from years and years of research that diet and exercise must be a part of a healthy lifestyle. But with the new rate of advancement in science and research there are formulas now that can help put your body into ketosis without going to extremes. We've found this with KETO//os


Kick Start your ketosis with KETO//os!

KETOSIS EXPLAINED: Prüvit has created the first Pure Therapeutic Ketones on the market. KETO//os has worked for so many people and we want you to have it!


KETO//os is a drink system meant to supplement your daily diet and put your body into ketosis. It comes in two flavors: chocolate swirl and Orange Dream. A third flavor, KETO Max comes in fruit punch and is meant for higher performance.

For therapeutic use drink one package a day and for performance use drink one in the morning and one in the afternoon. For the daily cost of Starbucks you can put your body into ketosis within 60 minutes of drinking KETO//os. A feat that takes 2 whole days of eating fewer than 20g of carbs per day. This product truly is a jump starter!


The benefits of KETO//OS include:

  • Better Focus

  • Increaed Energy

  • Fast Fat Loss

  • Quality Sleep

  • Improved Strength

  • Regulated Mood


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